Anime Boy by chibi kiro cb


Clash is Blaze son and a Pyrus Brawler, born in Ventus Village. He brawls with Pyro Dragonoid, and he is 16 years old.


Clash was born on March 21st 2042, the same day as Sado. His dad is Blaze, and his mom is Izzy. He brawls with Pyrus Ingram, and Pyrus Delta Dragonoid. Blaze's Drago had a kid with Wavern and turned into Wavern Drago. Clash evolved it during a battle with Sado. Both of his Bakugan can talk, and he only has the urge to have those two Bakugan. He can borrow any of his dad's Bakugan any time he wants. He is freaked out by Omega Drago and Gamma Drago who act similar to murderous when around his Wavern Dragonoid, because they seem to not like Wavern because she doesn't like clones

Bakugan Edit

Pyrus Wavern Drago, 800g

Pyrus Master Ingram, 500g

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