Chris Drathgock
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Attribute
Guardian Verifang
Other Bakugan 21px-Darkus.svgHawktor 21px-Darkus.svgRavenoid

Chris is the brother of McKayla, a very loyal sibling if I must say. Chris is very overprotective, but is very useful at sometimes. Chris is partnerned with Darkus Verifang(AKA Fluffy). Chris lives with McKayla after their parents died.


When his sister was devoured by the anti-core, he longed for the day he could warp her back to earth. Oneday he created an anti-virus program an installed it into Bakugan Interspace, deleting the virus that had consumed McKayla, now she's herself again. But there's more, when he installed the program and warped McKayla back to earth, he was also infected by the virus, he doesn't know until...

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