This page holds a list of guidelines for creating a character/Bakugan/story on this wiki. As the system is fairly new, more will be added as time goes on.

Character rules

  • It is appreciated that the characters created here are original. We don't need thirty different Dan/Julie/Maquerade clones running all over the place.
  • Before you go ahead and create a character, be sure to check to make sure no other character has the same name. This is to prevent confusion between two characters.
  • No character created here can have any familial ties to any of the canon characters established in the actual series. Dan is still a teenager, there's no way he hooked up with Runo/Alice/Julie and had twenty children or so. Shun doesn't have a forgotten twin sister, etc.
An exception, however, will be made for characters who are friends of canon characters.
  • It is impossible for a fan character to share the exact same Bakugan with a canon character. Dan is unlikely to part with Drago, etc.
An exception to this rule, however, will be made for the video game-only Bakugan: Leonidas and Vladitor, as they both originate from a non-canon source. If one comes up with a good enough reason for having either or both, and submits it to either User:Kasei or User:Abce2, and one of them finds the story acceptable, then yes that one character may have the Bakugan. The current owner of Leonidas/Vladitor will be listed when someone claims them.
A secondary exception to this rule is for other Bakugan of the same species. For example, Drago is but one Draganoid, there are plenty others. However, no other Draganoid underwent Drago's most of evolutions, so any character who has a Draganoid MUST have it in it's base form. This applies to all Bakugan species, and will only be allowed to change under storyline circumstances.
The third and final exception to this rule is with similar Bakugan. For an example, see the Rage Naga page. While it is indeed a variation of Naga, it is a separate entity, with a back story explaining how it came to be in existence. Other fan-Bakugan must follow similar criteria if they are similar to canon Bakugan.
  • No Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist/Naruto ninja/Twilight vampire/Pokemon characters. This is a wikia about Bakugan, keep the characters related to the series, even though they're original.
  • Characters having special powers must be approved by an admin. This should not be too hard, if a correct explanation is given that explains the character's power.
  • Evidently this was not stated, so here goes: You cannot, cannot create an article for a Canon Character here (Dan, Shun, Etc.) And while you're more than welcome to create Stories that involve them, but such stories will be excluded from the Fanon Series.

Bakugan Rules

  • As stated above, no-one can have the exact same bakugan as a canon character. Try to be original.
  • This space is here to list the owner of Leonidas and Vladitor, should a candidate appear.
Leonidas and Vladitor
Bakugan Owner
Leonidas Veldar
Vladitor Nagu-kab
  • There are various ways for a bakugan to undergo evolution. If you are seeking out to evolve your bakugan, then please speak to either User:Kasei or another admin. The best-accepted method of evolution is DarknessX, but there are other ways.
  • If you create an overpowered Bakugan, then an admin will review it. If they find it to be acceptable, they'll place a nice "approval" notice at the top of the page. If not, then they'll request that something be changed. It's not that difficult a process, people.
  • More to come as needed

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