It was a splendid evening on earth, about a week after Jason announced his plans to the world, and brawlers were looking high and low for the madman. A twelve year old boy planned to get revenge on Jason.

Vincent's LabEdit

"People, people!" Vincent shouted, watching as his workers ran around, fixing up mechanisms,"STOP!" when they heard him, them stumbled and fell on each other, and crawled back up. 'Yes sir?" one asked in a shaky voice, "How is the battle data working with Drought?" he replied coldly. Another man replied,"The data is 73% downloaded, and the FARBAS system is being constructed, and is 34% completed." Vincent nodded, and turned around. "Work Faster." He said cooly, walking off into the shadows of his lab.

Blaze's HouseEdit

Blaze was sitting at home throwing a tennis ball against the wall while his iPhone rang. It was Jason. "I hear that our last battle didn't satisfy you, pick someone to battle me with that wants a battle and I'll give you a challenge." Jason hung up. Blaze called his old friend Kyle. He needed a tag team partner

Blaze and Kyle Vs JasonEdit

"Hey Jason I think I wanted a rematch" Said Blaze.

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