Chaos Monsters is the storyline of after Blaze and Kyle defeat Wrath.


  • Blaze
  • Kyle
  • Aqua
  • Lash
  • Death Blaze
  • Mechros
  • Ergas
  • Nanomechian


After Wrath is defeated, his machine breaks apart and makes three new Bakugan, who are part human. Nanomechian, the drone monster that can shoot lasers, and shrink and grow to incredible sizes. Ergas, the powerful Pyrus type Bakugan that look like a Blade Tigrerra mixed with a Lumagrowl, with Battle Armor. And finally Mechros, the 300 foot Giant mechanical Bakugan, which looks like a mechanical mixture of Merlix and Coredem mixed. The team must defeat Ergas, Nanomechian, and Mechros to save the world once again.


  • The Chaos Begins
  • Ergas Strikes Back
  • Mechros Monster
  • Nanomechian Trouble
  • Final Flight

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