Cannon Shellspin was the first guardian of Haos brawler Aurora Techno. He is given the nickname of Cans.


Cans was born in New Vestroia at the explosion of the alternative. At his creation he was in a deep sleep until he appeared in bakugan interspace in orb mode. Sora Countries found Cans and brought him home to give to Aurora. Sora just hid Cans under Aurora's bed. One day Aurora looked under her bed after hearing a voice talking to her. She found Cans and they began talking. Cans managed to make Aurora realize that she should snap out of her depression. Aurora went back to brawling after her retiring from it back when she was 12 and formed her team of Cans,Alpha Hydranoid,Ultimate Dragonoid,and a Blade Tigrerra.


Real ModeEdit

Cans takes the form of what looks like a snapping turtle,Juggernoid,and an avior (first form) mixed together. On the massive shell on his back are 3 large rocket launchers and a giant rapid fire 10 barrel cannon just above his head on the front of the shell. His head is that of a snapping turtle with large amounts of spikes on his head and body under the shell. He has a large tail ending in a mace. He has a large turtle body holding up the shell's weight. His feet resemble aviors. On his front knees are 2 cannons

Orb ModeEdit

In Orb Mode Cans looks like a Juggernoid. The head resembles a snapping turtle's. When the feet come out small cannons pop out automatically.

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