It the Bakugan guardian of barodius in bakugan mega vestroia.Your power-G is 550.Your battle gear is airjetkor.Your mobile assault is riptor.your mecthogan is dreadreon.Your metchogan titan is razen titan.

Ability cardsEdit

Brawl smash

exeded photom

Brawliculus phamtom

Dharak style-tornado eye slash

Hyper meteor hammer

Hammer brawliculus

Bakugan mega vestroyaEdit

In the episode Brawl with the brawels.

In the episode Observs the battle.

In the episode Enable higher power brawl vs marucho and escape.

In the episode Power theft brawl vs drago and aranaut and lose.

In the episode Destruction of the interspace pt1 brawl vs drago.

In the episode Destruction of the interspace pt2 brawl vs drago and lose.

In the episode Control of fusion fusion your DNA with Blitz dragonoid and evolve in magna dharak

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