Blizzron is an Aquos Bakugan, who likes to joke. He is a comedian. He is also a Cyborg Bakugan. (Half Mechanical, Half Normal) Blizzron starts with 700 Gs!


  • Aqua Jet: Nullify an ability, then add 300 Gs to Blizzron.
  • Turbo Aqua: Nullify the Gate Card, then transfer 200 Gs from the opponent Bakugan to Blizzron.
  • Aquos Chain Combo: Add 300 Gs to Blizzron for each Bakugan on the Gate Card.
  • Aqua Switch: Change the Gate Card to your Gate Card.
  • Aqua Strength: Match your G-Power with your opponent, then transfer 300 Gs from your opponent Bakugan to Blizzron.
  • Aquos Canon Shot: Increase Blizzron power level by 300G, and prevent the opponents from using regular Abilities.
  • Aqua Reflect: Reflect your opponent ability, but double the damage.

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