Blitz is the Guardian Bakugan of Blaze Kuso. He was the first BakuTech Bakugan. He has 6 Evolution Cards, unlike any other Bakugan. His ball form is different with BakuTech. He evolves into Inferno.


Basicly a more powerful Lumino Dragonoid, but wings are flames


Dragon Boost: +600 Gs

Dragon Missle: +450 Gs

Vengance: When Blitz loses, he comes back to your hand.

FireBall: +230 Gs

Fire Acid: +500 Gs

Hyper Dragon Bolt: + 700 Gs

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

Dragon Burst Core: +700 G, Opponent -300Gs

Sigma Cell: + 800 Gs and turns into Sigma Blitz (Also known as Sigma Evolution)

BakuTech AbilitiesEdit

Arm Barrels: +400 Gs

JetBoost: +600 Gs

Perfect Core AbilitiesEdit

Dragon Contendor: +700 Gs

Perfect Dragon: +800 Gs

Silent Death + 900 Gs


The ball form is the only available picture right now.

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