Blaze is currently the number 3 Brawler, but is supposed to be number one. His best friend in the Guardians Trilogy is Kyle. He brawls with his dad's old Lumino Dragonoid. It is currently a Blitz Dragonoid, which is nicknamed Dragoon or Blitz (called Drago by some people).


Blaze was born on March 21st, 2025 to Dan Kuso, and Fabia Sheen. He was a pain until he was 6 years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8. He was shown to be really bright, creative, and helpful. He made easy friends at school and started a Brawling group with his friends, Shan, Bella, Kayla, Peter, and Kyle. They didn't turn out to be a match and disbanded. Blaze became best friends with Kyle who didn't really know how to brawl. Blaze gave him a Pyrus Glontroid for Brawling, but Kyle stole his Helix Dragonoid and cloned in into a Defective Bakugan. Blaze and Kyle then met a boy named Tom Uraya who went under the name of "Death." Death soon joined their team, they then brought Death with them to defeat a 14 year old named Trik Varen. Blaze defeated him, and took the number one spot in Bakugan Interspace, but didn't get Jason's place in the International Rankings because nobody witnessed his battles. Blaze moved to Ventus Village when he was 16 with Kyle, and met Monarus and Recgameboy.


Blaze is a retired Brawler, who is still best friends with Kyle. He has two sons, Clash and Cole


Blitz's page has his Ability Cards

Gate CardsEdit

  • Dragon Surge: If the other Bakugan is a Dragon, Blitz gets his power and releases the energy for a most definite win
  • Help from Friends: Brings another Brawlers into play, Usually Kyle.
  • Impulse: If Sigma Blitz, won't let opponent activate any Abilities.


Blitz Dragonoid, 970 Gs (Given to Clash)

Pyrus Farakspin , 400 Gs

Pyrus Splight , 700 Gs

Pyrus Avior , 800 Gs

Pyrus Hawktor , 900 Gs

Silver AirKorX2

Gold ClawHammer

Copper BattleTurbine

Silver Swayther


  • His hair and eyes change different colors


  • Since Blaze is in so many stories, he has different clothes.

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