Bakuna are the predecessors of the Bakugan. There are one for each attribute, as all the rest were killed off in the Thirteenth Great Bakuna War. After this, the remaining Bakuna were forced by the strongest Bakuna, Aquos Genbu, into giving half their powers to their former assistants, the Bakugan.

The Bakuna are the energy of the Sacred Orb.


Mikhail Romanov/Pyrus Yamamoto
Mikhail is the Pyrus Bakuna.
Lyrica Volan/Ventus Seiryuu
Aaron Louis/Aquos Genbu
Kaya Shishido/Darkus Yasha
Kaya is the Darkus Bakuna. She is one of the few, if not only, female Darkus bakugan. She is very adept at using swords, especially katanas.
Sofia Sebastian/Haos Ashura
Sofia is the Haos Bakuna. She fell in love with Aaron Louis when they first met each other, as he was able to calm her down after she went crazy. Because of this, she is usually seen as Aaron's partner when they tag brawl.


All the Bakuna were forcefully placed into a Vestal host by Professor Clay's experiment. The result was Vestals with special powers; however, they are extremely afraid of their opposing element.

Circle of ElementsEdit

The Bakuna's strength was based on the Circle of Elements, which was shed off when the Bakugan evolved.

Pyrus --> Ventus --> Subterra --> Haos --> Darkus --> Aquos --> Pyrus

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