chapter 1:the adventures beginEdit

matthew:well is everyone ready for our adventures


Matthew:transport portal open!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew:welcome to new vestroia

Sierra:whoa,your the best boyfriend ever

Matthew:ok let's go

everyone:let's go

chapter 2:yes it's pyrus v.s.pyrus but it's also psy v.s. psyEdit

Matthew:come on guys were almost there


Matthew:who are you

Alex:what you don't remember me

Matthew:isn't it obveus

Alex:we had a battle in the spirit world after we found out we were both psychic's

Matthew:Alex? it is you

Alex:yes I challenge you to a brawl

Matthew:gate card set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew:bakugan brawl!!!!!!!!!

Matthew:ultimate leonidas stand!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bakumeter:ultimate leonidas at 750g's no other data avalibale

Alex:Bakugan brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex:pyrus vortex skyress stand!!!!!!

Bakumeter:pyrus vortex skyress at 780g's no other data avalibale

ultimate leonidas:ULTIMATE BOOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bakumeter:ultimate leonidas stableizing at 3300g's


Bakumeter:alex life force 0


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