Bakugan World Championship is an RPG fanmade website with Proboards.

Bakugan World Championship: The New Generation (Season 1 Story)Edit

Bakugan World Championship: The New Generation begins 12 years after the series finale of the original Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Mechtanium Surge), following the new main protagonist Calvin Kuro's adventure. The 'Bakugan World Championship' is a huge area that has been created by the powers of the Bakugans, and some of the Bakugan have evolved over the generations. There are now new Bakugan, Cards, BakuWatches and others that were created by the 'Bakugan World Championship;' however, one evil Brawler named "Skull," the Shinigami Brawler from the Death World, wanted to destroy the 'Bakugan World Championship' area and take all the Bakugan and human souls to rule the universe. Dragonus, the only non-evil Bakugan from the Death World, came over to the 'Bakugan World Championship' area to find a human partner (teamed up with Calvin) and stop Skull from destroying everything along with his friends. Now Calvin's mission is to defeat Skull and save the World Championship! Will Calvin be able to save the Bakugan World Championship, or will Skull be able to destroy it?

Bakugan World Championship: Rise of Darkness (Season 2 Story)Edit

A year and half has passed since the Shinigami Events and Calvin has reigned supreme at the World Championship. But one day, an evil clone of Calvin appeared out of nowhere and started terrorizing everyone at the World Championship, and now everyone thinks he is doing it! Along with the Calvin confusion, the World Fighters; Calvin, Raven and Alexander, with their new friends, have been reformed into the World Soldiers, causing chaos in the World Championship as everyone tries to become more involved with them. Even more confusing is that the Dark Calvin can make himself sound and act exactly like Calvin at the time he needs to. Can Calvin convince his friends and colleagues that he isn't doing it, and still retain his reputation, or will the Dark Calvin take over the World Championship and continue to terrorize everyone? Will the soldiers be able to stop the right Calvin in time? Is there some kind of underlying conspiracy? Most importantly, will the World Championship survive the events that are about to unfold?

Bakugan World Championship: Dragon Castle (Season 3 Story)Edit

The Dragon Castle is the building that sits on the planet called 'Olympia', which is recorded the longest and highest castle in the universe. A species of human life on Olympia, call themselves 'Olympians'. The planet Olympia is smaller than Earth, but is very huge. People the Olympians lived their lives. They look exactly like humans, just with different characteristics. Scientists from Earth are now aware that there is a new species of Bakugan awaiting for their arrival on Olympia. Now the Earthlings must be aware that there are now a new life form out there. Six months later, the scientist has found a few rare and unidentified DNA from the planet Olympia, which is currently weird, at this rate. Soon when the DNA seemed to be uncovered, the evil Olympians started to attack Earth and all other planets using their monsterous Bakugan. The evil Olympians called themselves "Force Crashers" which was a team developed by Queen 'Sayomi Kimura'. Their team has traveled through the galaxy fighting and destroying other planets to take over the universe. The famous Calvin Kuro is back in action and has decided to create a new powerful team which each battler with their own unique attribute, to help him stop this madness. Will Queen Sayomi's evil plan become successful, or will Calvin be able to save the world once more?

Bakugan World Championship: Dragon Castle Revolution (Season 4 Story)Edit

A few weeks have passed since the destruction of the Dragon Castle and Sayomi's defeat. Everyone thought that her reign of terror had ended. However, a mysterious masked man who calls himself Gragion Reaper revealed himself along with Sayomi, who was now freed from an alternate dimension. With a Bakugan called Glaxicortroid and the Elite Artificial Bakugans, they plan to collect all 6 attribute crystals containing a mysterious power to rule the universe. In a race against time, Calvin and his friends must find the crystals first if they hope to save the universe!

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