Bakugan New Vestroia part 3 "First Battle"

Helen woke up in a comfortable bed but notice outside was moving *oh yah...Im in New Vestroia* -_-

Kyogre-"morning Helen...Oh my goodness you look a mess let me help with that" she floated on her head and starting messing with her hair "done you look like a Brawler girl" her hair was like a poodle hair style

Helen looked in the mirror-"wow you can do hair"

Kyogre-"duh when your a older sister your hair styling comes in handy" The door knocked and Mira came in the room

Mira-"hello you two" smiling

Helen-"oh hi Mira" Kyogre-"hello..."then on Mira's shoulder she saw a Bakugan

Bakugan-"hey toots" talking to Kyogre Kyogre-"ewww" -_-

Mira-"this is wilda sorry I didnt introduce him to you"

Helen-"hi wilda"

wilda-"hi...who's the doll?" looking at Kyogre

Helen-"Kyogre" pointing to her

Kyogre-"don't tell him my name!" angry

Wilda-"that's a cute name" Kyogre-"get lost Subterra Bakugan"

Mira-"well here's your clothes good thing we have one in pink your size" Helen was in her regular clothes

Helen-"thanks" then Mira left

Kyogre-"if you ever set me on a date with him ill kill you!"

Helen went to change in the bathroom-"so who's your crush then?"

Kyogre-"Crush?" confused

Helen-"duh Bakugan you like"

Kyogre-"never had any" Helen open the door cause she was done changing

Helen-"wait none?!"

Kyogre-"none but Im into Darkus Bakugan...and wow you look great!" Helen looked at herself in the mirror

Helen-"thanks we should see how you act around a Darkus Brawler maybe a Vexos" going downstairs laughing

Kyogre-"ewww" following "A Vexos Darkus Brawler? that would be funny if you date one" laughing

Meanwhile Vexos Base.....

A diagram of the Bakugan Kyogre was on the screen, Mylene Pharaoh a Aquas Brawler of the Vexos

Mylene-"so thats the second ancient Bakugan in New Vestroia?How come we didnt see it?"

Spectra Phantom Pyrus Brawler Vexos leader Spectra-"it hides in the depth of the water it hardly comes out, but it found a Partner in Helen Rika"

Gus Grav Subterra Brawler Vexos Second in comand Gus-"how are we suppose to find Helen or Kyogre?"

Spectra-"easy she met the Ressistance and learn about us I think she'll join them now"

Gus-"and i already tested her stength she hardly knows a thing about Bakugan" the rest of the vexos laugh

Lync Volan Vexos Brawler Ventus Lync-"what girl doesn't know how to brawl" laughing

Volt Luster Hao's Brawler Vexos Volt-"Ill handle this new Kid she shouldn't be any trouble"

Shadow Probe Darkus Brawler Shadow-"i wanna handle her i want to test her strenght too hahaha"

Spectra-"fine Shadow you go and Mylene go with him"

Mylene-"fine..." Shadow-"this will be easy hahaha"

Back to Ressistance...........

Barron-"you look great Helen!"

Helen-"thanks but I think the Blue Ribbon clashes with the pink"

Wilda-"you look great too Kyogre"

Kyogre-"get lost" -_-

Helen-"so where's the next Place?"

Ace-"Alpha city"

Helen-"cool anyway..Dan have you seen Shun Kazami"

Dan-"no why?"

Helen-"he came to New Vestroia too but we got Sepreated"

Barron-"you know Shun Kazami the second best of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers!!!!!"

Helen-"duh I totally got Poster of him"

Dan-"she means a crush" teasing

Helen turned red-"no i mean a Poster!"

Barron-"cool can i see!" in Awe

Helen sweatdropped-"sure" ^_^'

Mira-"he's a huge fan"

Helen pats Barron's head-"cute...but later"

Barron-"come on! please!" Helen-"no way"

Marucho-"why not Helen"

Helen-"it's not with me it's in our world"

Barron-"aww man!!"

Ace-" we should take a break here" he stopped the base somewhere in the woods

Dan-"cool let's get some training in Drago" running out

Drago-"wait for me Dan" following

Barron-"Master Dan wait for me!"

Nemus-"Barron!" following Marucho-"Helen do you need help with your Bakugan?"

Helen-"uh...sure" she grabbed Kyogre

Kyogre-"thank you anything to get away from Wilda"


Barron and Dan was already brawling while Helen was trying to learn

Helen-"uh..Gate card set" settung the card into the ground "Bakugan Brawl Kyogre stand" she threw the Bakugan Ball and the Huge Whale stood with waves behind it and lighting

Marucho-"good job Helen your learning quick okay Elfin Ability Activate Moon Rainbow"

Elfin-"sorry sis but your going down" the beams shot from her finger towards Kyogre

Kyogre-"now Helen!"

Helen-"okay gate card open water wall" (Kyogre went up by 30gs as the same with Elfin) Kyogre=400gs now 430gs, Elfin=300gs now 330 the wall blocked Elfin's attack Barron and Dan was finish with there battle then they watched Helen's and Marucho's.

Helen-"Ability ActivateWater Cannon!" as Helen's Gantlet glowed(kyogre 530gs) the cannon of water hit Elfin turning her back into ball form

Marucho-"wow you won Helen"

Helen-"thank you" bowing she caught Kyogre's ball form

Barron-"Helen your getting better"

Dan-"yeah" Kyogre open-"your ready to beat the Vexos"

???-"dont think so hahahaha" A ship landed in front of them

Kyogre-"uh oh.....Vexos" the two Vexos stepped out one was in purple the other in blue Mira-"Mylene and Shadow"

Helen-"your saying those two are Vexos?"

Mira-"yes unfourtunatly"

Shadow-"we're the strongest of the Vexos!"

Helen-"look like the weakest"

Baron-"Helen there Vexos watch it"

Helen-"dont worry I can handle them"

Mylene-"Your Helen?"

Helen-"duh yes" Mylene saw Kyogre floating near Helen's shoulder Shadow-"ok then i'll take you on Shorty" Helen-"what did me....?" flinching

Shadow-"Shorty! short stuff hahaha!" teasing

Helen-" Me Shorty!" she grabbed Kyogre "letsgo Kyogre"

Kyogre-"b-but" turning into a ball

Mira-"Helen calm your temper"

Dan-"you can do it"

Barron-"yah go Helen!!"

Ace-"win this battle" Marucho-"focus"

Shadow-"Ready Shorty" his Gantlet glowed

Helen-"ready you little...." she muttered the last part under her breath

BothGantlet-"gantlet activated"

Shadow and Helen-"Gantlet Power strike"

Helen-"Gate card set" She set her Gate Card "Bakugan Brawl.....Kyogre Stage on!" Helen threw Kyogre's Bakugan like May in Pokemon, Kyogre stood waves and lighting behind her

Shadow-"heh too easy, Bakugan Brawl Hades stand" A Huge 3 headed Machanical Dragon appeared

Helen-"wowee 500gs?"

Kyogre-"that's a powerful Bakugan"

Shadow-"hahaha Darkus Hades destroy your opponents hahaha"

Helen-"uh...Gate Card open Water Twister!" it made Kyogre go up by 200 gs (Kyogre now 600gs) "now end it!" the twister went towards Hades

Shadow-"heh I thought you can't battle i guess i was wrong hahaha,Gate Card open Darkus Reactor!" (Hades now 600gs)

Helen-"oh no Kyogre watch out!" the twister didnt do any damage

Shadow-"Ability Activate Lazer Trident" (Hades now 700gs) the lazers from its mouth hit Kyogre turing her into a ball Helen lost a few points on the metter

Helen-"sorry Kyogre"

Kyogre-"no biggy I got a idea my super ancient move can put them on ice literally" whispering

Helen-"really?" Kyogre-"sure Knowing this fool he'll use a Trap Bakugan, so my gs will go up higher with my move it's a 1 hit Ko"

Helen-"agree" nodding

Shadow-"Hurry up already Shorty!"

Helen-"that pain in the....Gate"

Kyogre-"No No"


Kyogre-"no Gate Cards just use double ability"

Helen-"got ya...okay stage on Kyogre!" Kyogre stood

Kyogre-"sorry i took so long but now it's hovertime!" as lighting flashed

Dan-"why didnt she thorw a gate card?"

Drago-"they must have something planned"

Shadow-"hahaha now to finish this Bakugan Trap Fortress" The Machine looked like a tank stood by Hades now both is 1000gs

Helen whistled Kyogre-"it's almost our turn" Helen put in 2 Ability cards into her Gantlet

Barron-"what are they doing?"

Marucho-"that's a....

Shadow-"Abilty Activate Proton Rain!" the tank shot Lazers into the skyand it went down to get Kyogre.


Helen-"double Ability! Water Reactor plusSheer Cold Destruction!" Kyogre's gs went up by 900 so now it's 1300gs


Mira-"that's Power" Helen-"send this dragon and Tank to the Iceage!" Kyogre froze the battlefield making everything turn to Ice.Hades and Fortress was turning back to ball form

Shadow-"what?!" the Health Meter drop to 0

Helen-" yay we so won Kyogre" Kyogre turn to ball form and return to ball form to Helen's hand. Helen twirled around Kyogre-"i told you we can kick those Vexos butt"

Mylene-"you should join the Vexos"

Helen-"what?" as she stoppedtwirling

Mylene-"your power and Bakugan will be useful"

Kyogre-"this is a descison I can't help you with Helen, you know they took my friends and other Bakugan" looking sad

Helen-"no way i wont join besides...."she looked at the Ressistance "the Ressistance so need me"

Shadow-"Yuck" Helen-"what?"

Shadow-"power that can defeat a enemy in one hit and you dont want to join the vexos so it can be made of use"

Helen-"no cause you'll just use me for Kyogre's power so find your own and you took her friends"


Mylene-"whatever let's go" going back in the plane

Shadow-"ill be back for a Remach shorty!"

Helen-"whatever snake boy ! and i'm gonna kill you!" Baron and Dan had to hold her back.As there plane took off.

Mira-"there gone calm down"

Helen-"Mira I so want to defeat those Vexos!"

Kyogre-"we won at least"

Helen-"Right... but nobody and i mean nobody....Calls me SHORTY! YOU HEAR THAT SHADOW YOUR MY RIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"screaming birds started to fly away

To be continued...

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