This page is an old feature, it is not something the Wiki does anymore.

The Top Brawlers are the ten greatest brawlers in the world, and are more often than not experts in their respective attributes, although some of them, such as Jason, do not specialize in a particular type and instead use multiple types.

In the story

To be one of the top ten is the ultimate goal of many brawlers. The authority, fame, and responsibility that comes with the rank entices many to seek out one of the current ten and attempt to defeat them in a brawl. The fame of being in the top ten is so great that one of them appearing at a battle is enough to make several enemies flee on sight. They are also very influential, able to exert command over weaker brawlers, sometimes a member of the Top Ten will have their own personal brawl army.

The overall roles of the Top Ten vary. Some are antagonistic, others are protagonists in their own stories or allies to other well-known brawlers. Overall, the group does not seem to be unified, as some are openly antagonistic towards each other. Still, they are all willing to aid each other if for nothing else than the shared title.

Currently, the number one brawler's identity is unknown. It's also worth noting that the rank of third is shared by Blaze and Kyle, something that has never happened before.

On this Wiki

This page is meant to keep a record of the current top ten brawlers registered on this wiki. You can ask to apply for one of the ranks below by simply asking for it on the talk page. You must then battle the current owner of that rank in a brawl with your confirmed fanon Bakugan. If a spot on the list is empty, then you can just go ahead and put your name there, if you feel lucky enough.

Inactive users (Someone who has gone two whole months without any RPG activity) will be removed from the list. Everyone ranked below them will move up a level, and the last open rank will be free to take.

In order to stop vandalism, this page is now blocked to all but Administrators, who are charged with keeping the list accurate.

The Top Brawlers
Rank Owner
1 McKayla Drathgock

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