The New Bakugan.Edit

Xirus, the new Brawler in town ran home holding a talking bakugan. He charged into his house, and screamed "MOM! MOM!!" Mom responded, and then said "What!?" Xirus explained he had a new Bakugan called "Vilox." His mom never knew what a Bakugan was, so she didn't care much. He rushed out to talk to his friend who owned a talking bakugan, too. He talked to his friend as soon as he got there, and said "Look! I have a real bakugan!" His friend pondered what a real bakugan was for a few seconds, then responded "It's not a "real" Bakugan, it's a TALKING Bakugan, stupid." Xirus's face turned red, as he was embarssed. Just then, a bunch of Metal and paper cards dropped from the sky, into Xirus's hands. Xirus looked amazed, and the abilities were Vilox's. He looked at Vilox, and saw his G power insctription. He looked amazed, it was 950! He ran off to find his friend, and stopped. He pondered for a second, and rushed off. He caught up his friend Cade. Cade talked to him, and then they began to fight. Cade and Xirus shouted "Bakugan, brawl!" As they threw there Bakugan out onto the field. Cade activated his ability, Dragon Strike. His bakugan, a fake mechanical dragonoid fired off a fire ball from his mouth, and it flew to Xirus. Xirus activated his ability, and shouted "Ability, Activate! Maxus Sheild!" As a shield formed around Vilox, his bakugan. Vilox kept quiet as did the Mechanical Dragonoid.Vilox then spoke "Are you sure your friend has a "Talking" Bakugan?" Xirus shaked his head, and also looked amazed. To Be Continued.

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