Summary: The Final Crush is unleashed and a new group of brawlers, The Burst Brawlers, has to stop it

Chapter 1 'Worldwide call'Edit

One day Jenna of Providence,Rhode Island looked out her window contemplating her graduation in 2 days. "I hope it goes perfectly." She said to herself. The lights flickered and the power went out. A small and powerful orb burst through her window. "What the heck." She said in fright as she picked up the orb. "This is a bakugan......but it is unlike any other I have seen." She gasped in surprise when the Bakugan opened by itself. "Hello. You must be Mistress Jenna of Earth. I am Burst Tigrerra."

In Canada John was going back to a hotel with his parents. "Today is boring." He said as he noticed a strange object flying through the sky."Maybe this vacation just got interesting." The object crashed into the ground in front of him and he picked it up. "A Bakugan?" He gasped when it opened itself. " You must be Master John of Virginia. I am Burst Ultimate Dragonoid."

In Japan Cora was outside of her school getting ready for graduation. She was surprised when she saw 3 orbs hit the ground. "Hello Mistress Cora I am Burst Alpha Hydranoid. You must bring these 2 to Brandon and Valerie so they can awaken." One said as it opened up automatically. Cora picked up the 3 bakugan and ran to the school field where Brandon and Valerie were practicing for the Tennis and Baseball tryouts next year. Cora walked up and handed them the Bakugan. Meanwhile Clash, A Brawler that was known around the world, had finished his job. These were the Burst Brawlers.(Clash is not going to be featured or mentioned in this story from this point)

Chapter 2 'Burst Bakugan are people too'Edit

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