Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Number Four Details the Brawling career of former number four Brawler,Trevor Morrell

Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Number FourEdit

“Bakugan...BRAWL!” Trevor yelled,throwing his Darkus Nexiona, “Bakugan,stand!” Nexiona landed and popped open,quickly transforming into his true form.

“Thats it? Thats all you’ve got?” David said chuckling ominously, “Bakugan,brawl! Bakugan! Stand!” he yelled as he threw down his Pyrus Jade Mantris on the same gate card. “Bring it on Kid...I dare you.” David said,his eyes seemingly glowing with hatred.

“Nexiona Power Level:Four-Five-Zero Gs” Trevor’s Gauntlet announced “Jade Mantris Power Level:Four-Five-Zero Gs”

“Ability card,activate!” Trevor yelled “Darkus Vortex!” A black vortex surrounded Nexiona swirling for exactly a minute before moving to Jade Mantris

“Power Level change detected:Nexiona Seven-Zero-Zero Gs” The Gauntlet announced again “Jade Mantris:One-Zero-Zero Gs”

“N-no way!” David yelled “You can’t win! I won’t let you! Ability card activate:Reversal!” He continued,throwing an ability card

“Power Level change detected:Nexiona:Seven-Zero-Zero Gs,Jade Mantris:Seven-Five-Zero Gs” The Gauntlet gave an update

“Gate Card Open!” Trevor screamed,worried Nexiona would be defeated “Nexiona Character card!”

“Power Level Change Detected:Nexiona:One-Nine-Five-Zero Gs, Jade Mantris:Seven-Five-Zero Gs. Battle Result:Jade Mantris Defeated by 500 Gs or greater,Trevor Morrell takes possession of Jade Mantris.” Trevor’s Gauntlet updated “David out of life points,Bakugan field closing.”

“Guess what...I won,you couldn’t stop me.” Trevor said,inspecting his new Bakugan

“Ugh...I know...” David replied

“See ya later kid.” Trevor said

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