Bakugan 2 is a new fan series.It has been 3 years since the beginning of Bakugan:Gundailian Invaders.


Dan Kuso:The main brawler.He is now the champion of all dimensions.He uses Pyrus Helix/Lumino Drago.

Pyrus Drago:He is known to be the strongest Bakugan to exist.

Shun Kazimi:Dan's best friend & main partner.He uses Subterra Torterra,Ventus Pidgeoetto, Darkus Herocross,Ventus Stingnoid,Storm Skyress,Hawktor,& Master Ingram.

Subterra Torterra:Shun's guardian in Season 1.

Ventus Stingnoid:Shun's guardian in season 2 and 3.

More Soon!

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