Bakugan: The Unknown

It started when an evil force invaded Vestroia. All the Bakugan were being turned into ball form and sucked into a long tube. Luckily, Dan and his Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid had heard and came, with their friends, Marucho, Shun, Tristar, Preyas, Elfin, Ingram, and Taylean. They fought with their all, but, even when Spectra and his Pyrus Helios MK2 joined in, they were captured as well. Then the invaders dropped a gigantic nuclear explosive and destroyed Vestroia.

Meanwhile, on Earth, The Invaders struck again, but this time only taking some of the children. Then, they sent them to an unknown place full of danger and gave them each one Bakugan, and forced them to fight eachother and each and every one of them could do nothing about it. Their memories were wiped and filled with the thought that they must fight to survive. They gave themselves names (yes, they couldn't even remember their names).

One kid, who called himself Pyrus-X was partnered with an evolved Pyrus Dragonoid named Dragger. They were both resistent to the invaders rules, and set out to break free.

They set out to defeat this evil and be free. However, numerous obstacles stand in their way, including a mysterious Darkus brawler named DarkMaster.

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