In a planet far, far away from Earth, there is a planet.A planet filled with peacefull beaings, exspeacialy a 10 year old girl named Johanna. But all of her friends call her Jo. Her sister is 18 and much involed in this war. Her sister is the royal closest friend to the Queen, Young 19 year old Margrate is the queen of the planet Jurantrust.But one day a not so friendly planet came called Runar and tried to overthrow Margrate! Luckily she was okay, bu they were taking over the place! Jo knew she had to help. So she gets her first bakugan and starts her amazing journey to help her planet.



Jo: Jo is the leader of the Bakugan Saviors. She is a Ventus Brawler and Is partnered with Ventus Stingfly.

Oliver: Oliver is an earth boy who is a Pyrus brawler. He is partnered with Pyrus Pretru.

Alejandro: Alejandro is another earth boy who uses subterra. He is parytnered with Subterra Granyut.

Digo: Digo is a Rutnar boy who knows what they are doing is wrong and sides with Jo. He uses Darkus Sparkjuh. His real name is Plowtrandigo.

Martin: Martin is an earth boy, who uses Haos. He is partnered with Haos Saurus.

Candy: Candy is a Neathian, she hears about the war, and feels she can help and goes to the team and uses Aquos. She is partnered with Aquos Grentan.

Stingfly: Jo's Guardian, they met when Jo was searching for bakugan in the forrest.

Pretru: Oliver's Guardian, they met when Oliver turned 8 and got his first bakugan for his birthday.

Granyet: Alejandro's Guardian, they met when Oliver gave him his first bakugan.

Sparkjuh: Digo's Guardian, they met when they crashlanding on Jurantrust.

Saurus: Martin's Guardian, they met when the bakugan first fell from the sky, Martin saved him for when he needed him.

Grentan: Candy's Guardian, they met when she got interested in bakugan at school.

Shifter: The Team's little blob of green goo that can turn into anything for as long as you want, they met when Shifter was trapped by Rutnar.


Dran: Dran is the leader of the Rutnar Invader Team.

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