Chapter 1Edit

???- McKayla! I made breakfast!

McKayla- Oh my god Chris, you're like be best bro it the world.

Chris- Well, you know!

???- Knock, knock, knock! It's me Quin!

McKayla- Come in, we're eating breakfast.

Quin- Smells, yummy, are you going to Interspace like that?

McKayla- Geez I just woke up, gimme some time :p!

Quin- Alright, but hurry up, you know it'll take forever to get inline if we don't leave in the next 10 minutes.

McKayla- Fine, I'll get dressed.

Chris- Good girl, and if you put all of your clothes on the right was, guess who gets a Beggin' strip!

McKayla- Oh, shut up.

Quin- Is she still a little shook up about Rin?

Chris- Yeah, yesterday she wouldn't even come out of her room.

Quin- Let's hope she gets a new bakugan soon. Im already looking.

Chris- Me too, hopefully we'll get one soon.

McKayla- How do I look?

Chapter 2Edit

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