Bakugan: Bakugan: Power's Heirs is a new Bakugan anime season that includes new characters and bakugans, respectively older appearences.This season is one of the five bakugan seasons this being the last and the rest being Bakugan: Battle brawlers, Bakugan: New Vestroia, Bakugan: Gundalian invaders and Bakugan: Mechtanium surge.

Main ProtagonistsEdit

Dan kuso: a pyrus brawler always ready for adventure.

Marucho Marakura: Aquos brawler that is the youngest brawler.

Princess fabia: Haos brawler and her real name being Fabia Sheen.


Runo Misaki: Second haos brawler after Fabia.

July Makimoto: Subterra brawler and 1St fan of Dan.

Jake Vallory: Second subterra brawler after July.

Main Villians (Presidentials)Edit

  • Swellow Jentra Brithland: The main antagonist of the series and a Every-Element brawler.
  • Mylene Farrow: Aquos brawler and right hand of Swellow.
  • Zenonheld: Pyrus brawler and former King (the actual being swellow)
  • Lync Volan: The youngest villian and ventus brawler.


  • Zenet Surrow: Haos brawler and a loyal member.
  • Prince Hydron: Subterra Brawler and Prince (As his name implyes)
  • Lena Isis: Aquos brawler and the brain of Presidentials.
  • Mason Brown: Subterra brawler and partner whit Hydron.


  • Shin Dragonoid (Used By dan)
  • Geku Dragonoid (Used By dan)
  • Ukran Dragonoid (Used By dan)
  • Brazen (Used By Zenoheld)
  • Macubass Zero (Used by Mylene, earlyer given to Swellow)
  • Macubass Jetro (Evolved under the care of Swellow)
  • Krakix Zero (Used By Lync)
  • Bliking Contestir (Used by Zenet)
  • Swaytharn (Used By Mylene) (Rumored to be Elico)
  • Shin Avior (Used By Mason)
  • Blitz Aranaut (Used By Fabia)
  • Terror Phosphos (Used by Lena)
  • Corezen Coredem (Used By Jake)
  • Geki Tigrerra (Used by Runo)
  • Hell Gorem (used by July)
  • Burst Akwimos and Ferkham Elfin (Both used by Marucho)


These are the official Episodes:

  • Episode 1 The begin of power
  • Episode 2 The first battle
  • Episode 3 Fear Itself
  • Episode 4 New Drago
  • Episode 5 Goliath
  • Episode 6 Meeting whit
  • Episode 7 Rise
  • Episode 8 Giant power
  • Episode 9 Meeting at the mother hall
  • Episode 10 Dragonoid Geku

  • Episode 11 Dragonoid power
  • Episode 12 Ogre
  • Episode 13 Kiba Zero
  • Episode 14 Dragon Ukran
  • Episode 15 Shining Power
  • Episode 16 Gen Strenght
  • Episode 17 Battle in Vestal
  • Episode 18 Gear Combo
  • Episode 19 Sacred Orb
  • Episode 20 Nova Fight

  • Episode 21 Power Noia
  • Episode 22 Brawl at the Presidential
  • Episode 23 Betrayal Zero

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