After defeated the Doom Beings, the Vexos and the Twelve Orders; Dan, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Shun, and Alice had a party in Marucho's house until....

The New BrawlerEdit


Julie:Guys have heard that?

Dan:How can't we?

Drago:Yes It was loud.

Shun:SKYRESS! I thought that I will never see you again!

Skyress:Me Too! but Drago and Hydranoid Made me return back.

Robin:Excuse me are you the battle brawlers?

Dan:yes.And who are you?

Drago:this is Robin he wants to be a brawler.

Dan:shure but do you have a bakugan?

Robin:Yes Ventus Wolfox.

Wolfox:Yes I am his bakugan

Shun: But to be a brawler you have to be a strong Brawler

Robin:Test me in a brawl.

Runo:You won't beat him.

Robin:Let's see if these words are write.

Shun/Robin:Bakugan Field open!

Robin:Gate card set! Bakugan brawl! Wolfox stand!

Shun Bakugan brawl! Skyress stand!

BakuMeter:Skyress at 900gs Wolfox at 950gs

Shun:Ability Activate! Wing Storm !

BakuMeter:Skyress at 1200gs

Robin:Ability activate! Twin slicer

BakuMeter:Wolfox at1200gs Skyress at 950gs

Shun:Ability activate ! winged blow

BAkuMeter:Skyress at 1250gs Wolfox at 900gs

Shun:Double ability Spinning wind plus Winged Drain

Bakumeter Skyress at 1600gs Wolfox at 100gs

Robin:Enough ! ability activate Atomic Blow

Bakumeter:Wolfox at 3200gs Skyress at 100gs

Wolfox:Take This (Uses a canon in his chest and hit Skyress)


BakuMeter:Battle over winner Robin!


Robin:Yes I will help you Against Naga you like to

All the brawlers:NAGA?!!

Robin:Yes Naga has returned.


Dan:Drago is that right ?

Drago:Yes Dan It is

Julie:But how?We all saw him exploding.

Drago: Yes but truly he escaped and with every opponnent we defeat he gains energy

Hydranoid:And now he is extreamly powerful

Dan:It is not a problem we defeated him once and we will do it again.

Drago:No Dan! it is not that easy

Preyas:Yes we saw him he destroid a hole planet just one hit!

Runo:Preyas you are joking.

Drago:No Runo It is real

Suddenly they heard an explosion

Naga:Hi Brawlers!

All Of them:NAGA!!!!


Naga:Yes brawlers I am back!

Dan:We chalenge you to a brawl

Naga:I say OK

All of them:Bakugan brawl Bakugan stand

Robin:can I brawl too?

Dan:Yes of course

Robin:Bakugan brawl Wolfox stand

BakuMeter:Brawlers at 5550gs naga at 2000gs

Naga:Ability activate Destruction boost

BakuMeter:Naga at 5550gs Brawlers at 2000gs

Robin:Fusion Ability activate Fox Laser YV

BakuMeter:Brawlers at 3000gs Naga at 4550gs

Dan:Still not enough!

BakuMeter:Battle over winner Naga!

Naga:Now I will take Drago Evoution power

Drago:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Drago Becomes Ultimate Dragonoid)

Naga:Bye brawlers HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dan:He took....Drago's power....The Ultimate Bakugan's Power!


Dan:Drago!are you OK?

Drago(in a tired voice):I Think so

Robin:sorry i disappoint you

Drago:Robin,you and Wolfox tried and that is enough

Dan:Yes he is right

(After a period of time)


Bart:ROBIN!! Master Naga told me that you are with the brawlers

Robin:Yes i...Wait a second YOU WORK FOR NAGA!!!

Bart:yes robin Naga sent me tom battle you and DEFEAT YOU!!!

Robin:Ok let's do it!!

Bart and Robin:Bakugan field open!bakugan brawl bakugan stand!!!

Bart:ability activate Grand glow

Bakumeter:Lenes at 1150gs Wolfox at 750gs

Robin:Ability activate Jet impact

(suddnly the battle field dissapeard and the battle ends.

Bart:What was that

Robin:I don't now

Naga:IT WAS ME!!



Naga:yes Whe i took drago's power i gaind the power to do almost any thing.....That includs ending battles

NAGA:thank's robin HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!(he and bart vanishs)

Drago restores the powerEdit

Appolonier:Drago must restore his power back to defeat Naga

Lars Lion:Yes but how ?

Exedra:We can battle him and when he deafeats us he can take the ultimate power from us

Oberus:let's chalenge him now!!

(in the brawlers house)

The soliders:Drago

Drago:The legendery soliders

The soliders:yes we know that naga took your power and we are here to give it to you back


The soliders:yes but in order to take the power you must defeat all of us you and another one you and Dan choose

Dan: we will pick Robin


Lars Lion:Good choise! we sense a huge amount of power in him

Robin:so it will be 5 vs. 2

The soliders:Yes you will face us alone!

Dan:let's go gate card set bakugan brawl Ultimate drago stand!

Robin: Bakugan brawl Wolfox stand

Appolonier:Ability activate Destruction Nova

Dan ability activate Eraser boost

Lars lion ability activate bright wave

(after a long battle)

Dan: we finally did it! drago you are now pyrus lumino dragonoid!

Robin: you too wolfox you became extreme wolfox!!

Dan now we are ready to defeat Naga!!

all the brawlers: LET'S GO!!!

(more soon)

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