Bakugan: Mayhem Rises is the 5th season after Bakugan: Darkness Stallings (another of my stories).


Episode 1- Digital Rising: Spectra finally finishes his new gear called Bakugan Digi-Cards. He promotes a whole event where you can make your own for your team. He also promotes a tournament to test his new Gear. The first rounds go over well with Dan using his Zapix to beat Shun with Mirashi, Runo uses Slicorix to beat Mira with Chestishi, Fabia uses Thundrofisx to beat K'yoya with Turbline, and Alice uses Armorix to beat Zenet with Swordix.


Battle Brawlers- Leader: DanEdit

Dan- Meteor Dragonoid; Bakugan DC: Zapix

Shun- Sensei Ingram; Bakugan DC: Mirashi

Spectra- Gamma Helios (evolved prior to season beginning); Bakugan DC: Triplix

Anna (New Haos Brawler)- Gliseryn (Ingram/ Spyron type of Bakugan); Bakugan DC: Stringrix

Trinadad (New Aquos brawler)- Blacicle (Icicle Shooter Ingram type of bakugan); Bakugan DC: Eyhorn

Kruger (New Subterra brawler)- Quakeadril (Pokemon Dunsparce with drill arms and tail); Bakugan DC: Draezal

Team Earth- Leader: RunoEdit

Runo- Blade Tigrerra: Bakugan DC; Slicorix

Julie- Hammer Gorem: Bakugan DC; H-Assault

Alice- Alpha Hydranoid: Bakugan DC; Armorix

Team Vestal- Leader: MiraEdit

Mira- Magma Wilda: Bakugan DC; Chestishi

Baron- Saint Nemus: Bakugan DC; Glowix

Ace- Knight Percival: Bakugan DC; Javelix

Gus- Rex Vulcan: Bakugan DC; Knuclix

Team Neathia- Leader: FabiaEdit

Fabia- Aranaut: Bakugan DC; Thundrofisx

Linus- Rubanoid: Bakugan DC; Destrix (Digi-Card Version of Destrakon)

Team Gundalia- Leader: RenEdit

Ren- Linehalt: Bakugan DC; Pulsorix

Zenet- Contestir: Bakugan DC; Swordix

Lena- Phosphos: Bakugan DC; Poisonix

Jesse- Plitheon: Bakugan DC; Twisterix

Mason- Avior: Bakugan DC; Slashorix

Nurzak- Sabator: Bakugan DC; Crushorix

Team Htrae- Leader: K'yoyaEdit

K'yoya- Leone: Bakugan DC; Turbline

Gore- Excabur: Bakugan DC; Bowix + Aeroix (2 in 1)

Silvia- Royale: Bakugan DC; Spikix

Arcail- Wargol: Bakugan DC; Assaultix

Evil ForcesEdit

Eyos (replacement for Hal-G, he wanted the most powerful bakugan and found Naga. He became power crazy after being brainwashed into Naga's plan.)- Naga: Bakugan DC; BlastorixEdit

King Zenoheld (Poses as a different person under alias as Qwark)- Farbros: Bakugan DC; Assail System

Emporer Barodius (Poses in human form as alias Kleo)- Phantom Dharak: Bakugan DC: Eruptix

Reiji- Serphent Centrina: Bakugan DC; Neurozoid


  • Bakugan DC stands for Bakugan Digi-Card. They are digital cards like ability cards that can conjur up a gear. They can be shot at like a Bakugan Mobile Assault. They are the replacement for Battle Gear. Any gear made by a member of their own team may summon one of the team Digi-Cards.

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