Bakugan: Magic Guardians is a series of Bakugan Episodes.


Brawlers FederationEdit

Jake: a quite short-tempered 12 years old Pyrus Brawler from U.S.A. who loves battling, but doesn't love losing really much. His Bakugan is a Pyrus Solar Dragonoid.

Scarlet: a sarcastic 13 years old Darkus Brawler from U.S.A. who uses humorism to repel people she fears. Her Bakugan is Darkus Mistery.

William: a calm 11 years old English Ventus Brawler and best friend of Scarlet. His Bakugan is Widewing.

Patricia: a wise 54 years old Haos Brawler who is the oldest of the Brawlers. Her Bakugan is Sun Claw.

Bob: an impatient 12 years old Swedish brawler.


Magic Hunters/BCTEdit

Normy: a skittish 14 years old Aquos brawler who changes guardian very frequently. His guardian, River Hawk, was destroyed by Mistery and was replaced with Mecha 01.

Kumanosuke: a stubborn 13 years old Haos Brawler who wears a pair of yellow sunglasses. His guardian, Sun Claw, was taken by Patricia in a brawl and replaced with a Bee Striker α'ω'σ.


Main article: List of Bakugan: Magic Guardians episodes.

Attribute symbolsEdit

In this series, the attribute symbolas were replaced with their Han characters.

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