Flashdown is the 22 episode of Bakugan: Rise of Darknes

Out of the ShadowsEdit

At The Arena

Shun: Ability card activate, Blast Wind Extreme (+400)

Ryan: Double ability activate, Dust Storm (Nullifies the opponent's ability) + Quake Fist (+400)

Bakumeter: Shun life force zero

Shun: I lost?

Bad AlleyEdit

Shun: Sigh

Davos: Why so sad

Shun: In bakugan interspace I'm 2nd but I lost

Davos: What if I told you that I could make it so you would never lose again

Shun: You can do that?

Davos: Yes

Shun vs. DanEdit

Anouncer: The next battle between Dan and Shun will now commence

Bakumeter: Bakugan field open

Dan: Gate card set, bakugan brawl, pyrus spear dragonoid stand

Shun: Bakugan brawl, ventus hyper hawktor

Dan, Jake, Fabia, Marucho: WHAT THE

Dan: I lost?

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