Masquerade (formed from Alice's mask), Naga, Dark Robin, Kurai, and Barodius team up to take down the brawlers when.....

A Dark SurpriseEdit

Dark Robin: Hello peasents.

Alice: Robin? You look different.

Hydranoid: I can sense a small amouth of negative energy within him.

Dark Wolfox: That is not negative energy fool, it is Darkus combined with a piece of the Perfect Core.

Alice: But I thought that Blitz had it!!!

Dark Robin: Silly girl give me you're mask.

Blaze: Hey whats the big idea!

Dark Robin: Blaze, I have no time your games. Im here for here mask.

Robin grabs the mask and runs away

Blitz: What do you think he wanted?

Omega: By the looks of it, what he wanted, had to do with Masquerade.

Alice: But that's impossible, I thought I destroyed that mask.

Kyle: Maybe your daughter made another one for her.

Hydranoid: Well I suspect they are trying to use the mask to recreate Masquerade as a full person.

At Robin's LabEdit

Robin:Great! now we have masqurade's mask let's clone him!!

(puts the mask in a glass Room and clicks some buttons)


(the room is filled with smoke and then Masqurade's shadow appear!)

Masqurade:Where am I?

Robin:Hi masqurade i am robin and you are a member of the Evil Forces now!!

Masqurade: What does that means?

Robin: Evil forces are all the vilians combined together Ruling them Kurai and me!!

Masqurade: so what shall we do?

Robin: We are here to Destroy the brawlers and take over the universe!!

Masquerade: I am not evil anymore. About 40 years ago I decided to help the Brawlers. You are my enemies

Robin: Not anymore!

(Masquerade screams and falls on the ground. His mask turns red and his hair turns grey.)

Robin: Take (gives him a bakugan) This is Hydranex rom now he is your guardian

Masqurade: As you wish my master.


Blaze Vs X MasqueradeEdit

Blaze: Hey woman I hear you are stalking me

Masquerade: You are the creeper.

Blaze: I summon Aki! (Aki at 950 Gs)

Masquerade: That stupid Fishman could never defeat real power life Hydranex. I summon Hydranex, the evolved Hydranoid!

Blaze: Oh great an oversized lizard. Ability ACtivate! Wave Blaster Extreme! (+ 700 Gs)

Hydranex: Ah that was incredibly powerful. Masquerade I need you to bump up our power!

Masquerade: Hehehe, Bakugan brawl! NagaX stand!

NagaX: I AM REBORN! (screaches)

BakuMeter: NagaX and Hydranex at 2200Gs

Blaze: How did you get NagaX.

Masquerade: Same way we got the mask, and we added the personality for effect.

Blaze: That's it. Are you ready Blitz?

Blitz: I sure am.

Blaze: Naga couldn't defeat you with the silent Core and now he has no cores. He just has the new attribute and a powerful brawler.

Blaze: Ability Activate! Silent Dragon! This gives me 800 Gs and boosts my power. Now destroy Naga!

Naga: Ahhhhh!!!! (Turns into ball form)

Masquerade: NagaX is a combination of DarknessX and Ki which makes him very powerful. He is more powerful then the Perfect Core now.

Robin: Bakugan brawl! Extreme Wolfox stand.

BakuMeter: Extreme Wolfox and Hydranex at 1800Gs

Robin: Ability activate! Atomic Fox!

BakuMeter: Wolfox and Hydranex at 2700Gs

(Blaze throws down ability.)

XMasquerade: What was that?!?1

Blaze: YOU'RE DEMISE BULLDOG!!!!!!!!!!!

Blitz: AHHHH!!!!!!! (Uses the Perfect Core to destroy Hydranex and Wolfox)

Blaze: Good job Blitz!

Unmasking Masquerade. Edit

Blaze: Time to unmask you! Hah!

(Takes off mask)

Blaze: That's so weird! it looks normal...... not Alice anymore.

Robin: That's because this is Dark masqerade!

Blaze: Blitz let's go tell the other Brawlers.

Masquerade: (Puts mask back on)

Hydranex: I will not let you leave so easily, Drago.


Masquerade: We have no time for a rematch Hydranex, we got what we came for.

(30 minutes later at Blaze's house)

Blaze:.. and when I took the mask off, it wasn't Alice.

Kyle: There's someone strange behind this, but we need to find out who.

Geoff: Agreed, I'll stay here and look up some infomation on the Bakugan website while you two confront Robin ans Masquerade.

Power CoreEdit

Dark Robin: I have captured Kurai, the most ancient bakugan ever.

Kurai: Let me go, I am not evil like you vile villians.

Masquerade: You soon will be. The Power Core is complete. (holds the Core near Hydranex and he absorbs the core)

Hydranex: I can feel the power merging inside me.

Kurai: AHHHHHHHH! The negative energy combined with the power is turning me evil! (eyes turn red and turns evil)

Dark Robin: The work is finished. AHHHHHHHH! (eyes turn green and turns into good Robin)

Robin: Whats going on? Masquerade?!

Masquerade: It seems I've underestimated the true Robin:

Both of them: Field open!

Masquerade: Doom card set.

Both: Bakugan brawl!

Masquerade: Kurai stand!

Robin: Raportrix stand!

BakuMeter: Kurai at 2500Gs, Raportrix at 600Gs

Robin: Whoa, his Gs are off the charts.

Kurai: Only the most powerful bakugan can take me down.

Robin: Ability activate! Raptorix Slash

BakuMeter: Rapotorix at 800Gs, Kurai at 2300Gs

Masquerade: Is that the best you got? Double ability activate! Fusion Attributes plus Subterra Rockolanche.

BakuMeter: Kurai at 3500Gs, Raptorix at 200Gs

Masquerade: Finish him (Kurai attacks till Raptorix has no more Gs then Raptorix goes to the Doom Dimension)

Robin: (Field closes) I lost Raptorix.

Masquerade: Hehehe, this should keep you evil (puts evil mask on him and laughs manically).

Robin: 1.i never turned good

2.I have a portal to the doom demension so i will have raptorix back.

now excuse me kurai i have some stuff to do with shun.

battling shunEdit

Shun: What do you want Robin?

Robin:a battle

Shun: you got it

Both: Field open!! gate card set brawl bakugan stand

Robin: ability activate Fox striker

Shun: no winged destiny

Robin: you think that you will survive by canceling my ability Activate jet Laser + Fox laser L2

Sky ingram (mix of ingram and skyress):NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Shun: ability activate! Sky Blade

Robin:activate A.R.U.S.!! + C.B.S. copy Sky Blade

Wolfox: Take this!!

Sky ingram: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (turns into ball form and vanishs)

Shun: I.....Lost!!!

Robin: hope you learnd the lesson (teleports away)


Alice vs MasqueradeEdit

Masqurade: hello alice!

Alice: Masquerade, but how.

Hydranex: Lets just battle.

Hydranoid: I want to destroy him!

Alice: Ok lets go!


Masqurade: Gate card set brawl! Hydranex stand!!

Alice:bakugan brawl! hydranoid stand!

Masquerade: Special Ability activate! Bakugan brawl! NagaX stand.

BakuMeter: Team Masquerade at 2000Gs

Shun: bakugan brawl!! Sky Ingram stand!!

Masqurade: WHAT?! i thought that Robin destroid skyress!!

Robin: me too!!

Alice,shun,and masqurade: ROBIN??!!

Robin: Yes bakugan brawl Wolfox stand!!

Hydranex: I feel funny. The Power Core is kicking in. (evolves into Power Hydranex and roars)

BakuMeter: Team Evil Forces at 3900Gs, Battle over (field closes)

Master KuraiEdit

Robin: So what is the next plan Kurai? Kurai: We take down there leading.

Naga: Who is there leader.

Masquerade: There leader is Blaze.

Robin: Kurai that is a problem blaze and blitz are so powerful no one from us defeated them.

Barodius: Thats why we must take him all together.

Robin: good idea barodius.

Hydranex: Soon we will crush those puny worms!


Wolfox: But Blitz has proven himself to be powerful enough to take us all down all together.

Robin:that is a point

Masquerade: We are the most powerful brawlers in the universe. Blaze cannot take us all at once.

Barodius: But he can team up with his friends to fight us.

Robin: Yes i guess that we can use my demansion traps

Hydranex: I am sick of the gibber-gabbering! I want to fight!

Naga: yes Hydranex every time you say that they Kick Your Butt!!

Hydranex: Shut up you scum.


The GuardiansEdit

Blaze: It seems villians are teaming up against us.

Kyle: Hey man I retired.

Blaze: I could kick their butt single handedly

Kyle: They took all of our team members!

Blaze: You're point?

Kyle: Ok let's go kick their butt with me sitting in the sidelines not cheering leaving at halftime!

Blaze: ..................


Dark Team: It's three of us versus just one here Blaze. See a problem?

Blaze: No I'm the only one here and my name is Blaze not problem!

Barodius: That Drago is hard to defeat

Blitz: MY. NAME. IS. BLITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naga: Whats the matter Drago, gonna cry?


Hydranex: Drago. Hehehe

Wolfox: Drago Drago!! Drago Drago!!! i can do this all day! Drago Drago!!!

Blitz: AHHH!!!!!!!!

Charges Perfect Core and knocks them all backwards and turns all but NagaX into ball form

NagaX: Really bad idea

BakuMeter: Evil Forces at 3 % life Guage.

NagaX: Ability Activate! Silent Demon!

Blaze: You have to be SH**ING ME!

NagaX: 4Kids Censoring rocks!

Blitz: Ability Activate! Perfect Clash Dragon!

(Destroys Bakugan and NagaX explodes)


(Turns into ball form)

Blaze: Blitz what's wrong?!?!?

Blitz: The Perfect Core and the Power Core combined hurt me and NagaX, I now have the power core but I don't know if it can overtake me!

Blaze: Let's go to the future and ask Cole

Masquerade: Your not going anywhere Dragonoid and Kuso. Bakugan brawl! Hydranex stand!

Hydranex: I have absorbed so much power from the core that I have become as strong as you Dragonoid and taking the core would make me stronger.

Blaze: Ability Activate! Vengence!

Masquerade: Ability Activate! Demon Drain! This is an automatic win card!

Blaze: Then you don't know the effects of Vengence. It makes you lose instead! Now destroy him Blitz!

(Attacks Hydranex using Venengence)

(Blaze and Blitz teleport to Cole's lab)

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