Bakugan: Cross Connections takes place during the times of the original Dragonoid (Blitz Dragonoid) and Dharaknoid (Phantom Dharak). Bakugan: Cross Connections is about a young brawler named Xeno and his Bakugan he is a agressive yet a kind brawler. He encounters a strange Hi-Tech wrist device thats blue, and reads the word S.H.O.C.K. S.H.O.C.K stands for shining,hour,of,crossed,kings. He travels with his Bakugan Subterra Chiros, a armored warrior with a screw driver sword. Xeno expolres tweleve different dimensions to show his Bakugan to Code Eve to have it gain power. At the end his wrist device flashes a light at Chiros and he becomes one with Code Eve and forms Dharaknoid and Dragonoid.

List of Chiros' abillities

  • Terra Screw- Combines Chiros with Code Eve
  • Gaia Bolt- If Chiros has used Terra Screw summon Dharaknoid and Dragonoid

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