Bakugan:The Hybrid Generation

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Logo and Season by PyventarkusGirl
Genre Adventure
Episodes 30
Bakugan:The Hybrid Generation is a series made by PyventarkusGirl.

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The Mechtogan war had finally ended.But,some Mechtogan who participated in the battle against Mag Mel stayed with their owners.The Original Brawlers thought that there won't be any more battles and wars in which they will be helping but they were wrong.Their friend Shaylinn Izami needs their help!A power-hungry hybrid Bakugan named Neotron decided to take over her planet,Universis and steal the Universis Crystal for immortality.Neotron was supposed to be dead many years ago,before Ero and Shaylinn's birth.He was killed by the father of King Erodius.The Bakugan Battle Brawlers agree to help her and each of them receives a new and powerful Bakugan.Will they be able to defeat Neotron before it's too late?


Shaylinn Izami/Shaylinn Von Universis

Bakugan:Pyventarkus Tech Aniplex and Fury Ravenoid
BakuNano:Gold Vorcillium/Shadow Sabre
Mechtogan:A.M.G Unicotron
Mechtogan Titan: X.A.M.G Unicotron Titan
Bakugan Mobile Assault Vehicle:Unitronix
Bakugan Battle Suit:PyXniplex
UniversiCrys:PVD Shockix
Ultimate UniversiCrys:Ultimate PVD Shockix

Ero Von Universis:

Bakugan:Pyventarkus Meta Dragonoid
BakuNano:Gold Varcillium
Mechtogan:A.M.G Unitricon
Mechtogan Titan:X.A.M.G Unitricon Titan
Mobile Assault Vehicle:Unimatronix
Bakugan Battle Suit:PyDnoid
UniversiCrys:PVD Shocknix
Ultimate UniversiCrys:Ultimate PVD Shocknix

Daniel 'Dan' Kuso:

Bakugan:Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid
Mechtogan:Zenthon Titan
Mobile Assault Vehicle:Zoompha and Rapilator
Bakugan Battle Suit:Zynoid
UniversiCrys:P Avengix
Ultimate UniversiCrys:Ultimate P Avengix
Shun Kazami:
Bakugan:Ventus Unicrys Ironirix
BakuNano:Gold Xenix
Mechtogan Titan:V Titan
Mobile Assault Vehicle:Xenocyrinax
Bakugan Battle Suit:Zyon
UniversiCrys:V Memox
Ultimate UniversiCrys:Ultimate V Memox
Choji "Marucho" Marukura:
Bakugan:Aquos Mega Frauginoid
BakuNano:Silver Aquari
Mechtogan Titan:AMF Titan
Mobile Assault Vehicle:Surfump
UniversiCrys:A Rex
Ultimate UniversiCrys:A Rex
NEW!Nomaly Fencer :Neathian whose parents migrated to Universis.Shaylinn's best friend.
Bakugan:Haos Bright Litro
BakuNano:Silver Neon
Mechtogan Titan:Methanos Titan
Mobile Assault Vehicle:C
UniversiCrys:H Ly
Ultimate UniversiCrys:Ultimate H Ly
NEW!Etro Ulner :Gundalian Ero's childhood friend.
Bakugan:Subterra Super Transyl
BakuNano:Silver Terraspin
Mechtogan Titan:NanoMech Titan
Mech Titan Mobile Assault Vehicle:XNell
UniversiCrys:S Terra
Ultimate UniversiCrys:Ultimate S Terra

NEW!Amethyst Eunitrice :A Universissian.Shaylinn's friend

Bakugan:Darkus Horror Phaetos
BakuNano:Silver Darkonite
Mechtogan Titan:EctoLord Titan
Mobile Assault Vehicle:Anuride
UniversiCrys:D Night
Ultimate UniversiCrys:Ultimate D Night

King Erodius

Queen Estelle

Ney-Ro and Miu Izami

Kiki Mazamari:The Princess of Ventaria,a planet which is a great affiliate of Universis.She is brave and ready to help the brawlers at any cost.

Bakugan: Ventus Panthurus
BakuNano: BakuNano Saborsaw
Mechtogan: Venthion
Mechtogan Titan: Venthion Titan
Mobile Assault Vehicle: Elemental Cycle

Hunter Mazamari:Kiki's brother

Monaly Fencer :Nomaly's twin sister and Ventaos(Ventus-Haos) Brawler.

Jeanette Ulner :Etro's sister and Subyrus(Subterra-Pyrus) Brawler.

Mira Fermin

Spectra Phantom

Ren Krawler

Fabia Sheen(Queen Fabia)

Captain Elright


Runo Misaki

Julie Makimoto

Alice Gehabich

Jake Vallory


Neotron :The Main villain of the season,Neotron is evil in the form of a bakugan.Only the 8 main bakugan can kill him if they combine their forces.He is a combination of all attributes.

Neveira:The second person who can control Neotron.She is the one who saved Neotron before his death and made everyone think he died.She was created by Neotron along with Eon to protect him.She is a Darkentus(Darkus-Ventus Hybrid) Brawler.

Eron:He was created along with Neveira to protect Neotron.He is a Venquos(Ventus-Aquos Hybrid) Brawler.

Darkaos Namonoid:He is one of the minions of Neotron.He is a Darkus-Haos Hybrid.He never wanted to be bad.He always wanted to serve the Universissian Royal Family.But his wish could not come true because of Neotron who took over his mind.Later on,Shaylinn breaks the link between him and Neotron.Namonoid servesas second guardian of Ero and develops a strong friendship with Pyventarkus Meta Dragonoid.His wish finally comes true;He serves the royal family.

Aylinn:Shaylinn from another dimension.She is in fact an illusion created by Neotron.


Energytrons are artificial beings created by Neotron who will steal the Ultimate Energy of all attributes and give them to Neotron.They have been given names of precious stones because Neotron created them with precious stones each depending on color of attribute

Fusionica:The most powerful of all artificial beings Neotron ever made,she must steal the Ultimate UniversiCrys energy from Shaylinn,Gold Aniplex,Ero and Meta Dragonoid.

Pyrus Ruby:An artificial being created by Neotron,his mission is to steal the Ultimate Pyrus Energy from Dan and Fusion Dragonoid.He battles alongside Negative Fusion Dragonoid.

Ventus Emerald:An artificial being created by Neotron,he will do anything to steal the Ultimate Ventus energy from Shun and UniCrys Ironirix.

Darkus Sugilite:An artificial being created by Neotron.His mission is to steal the Ultimate Darkus from Amethyst and Horror Phaetos.

Haos Quartz:An artificial being created by Neotron.He must steal the Ultimate Haos Energy from Nomaly and Bright Litro.

Aquos Turquoise:An artificial being created by Neotron.His mission is to steal the Ultimate Aquos Energy from Marucho and Mega Frauginoid.

Subterra Amber:An artificial being created by Neotron.He must steal the Ultimate Subterra Energy from Etro and Super Transyl.