Bakugan:The Clones Anguish is the fully extended version of 'Bakugan Clones?!' by me (Leonidas1234)


The Bakugan Cloning Project has sent out agents to capture the dragonoid Omega Drago who is a clone of Drago and the guardian bakugan of a child named Kyle. They get into many brawls as they try to escape the many agents among them. The agents range from people they have never met to former friends and Kyles schoolmates. The guardian bakugan of the agents range from clones of Helios to clones of Percival. The battles get more heated until Omega Drago unleashes his evil side-Sigma Drago- for the first time and two times later on. Many allies including the battle brawlers,Bakugan Resistance,and even the Vexos in the race to stop an evil group from gaining control of the world with the use of the true ultimate bakugan.....Omega Dragos X form......Omega Sigma Drago. The bakugan brawls get feircer when an agent named Death and his Guardian Bakugan Shadow Skyress get hold of the revived energies of the Silent Core and the Infinity Core.

Characters and Guardian Bakugan(Main-Only fan characters-)Edit

Kyle-Omega Drago/Sigma Drago(Uncontrollable)/Omega Sigma Drago(Evolution which is dual bakugan)

Wrath-Omega Helios/Sigma HeliosPrimal/Sigma HeliosX-(Final Battle)- Sigma Helios Fusion/Human-Sigma Helios Hybrid

Scrape*-Bloody Perciva*l/Massacre PercivalPrimal/Massacre PercivalX

Death-(Battle 1)-Shadow Skyress/Eclipse SkyressPrimal/Eclipse SkyressX-(Battle 2)-Infinity Skyress/Eternal SkyressPrimal/Eternal SkyressX-(Battle 3)-Naga Skyress/Silent SkyressPrimal/Silent SkyressX

Den*-Explosion Tigrerra*/Destruction TigrerraPrimal/Destruction TigrerraX

Characters and Guardian Bakugan (Minor-still only fan characters-)Edit

Kerry-Child Naga

Roy-Child Wavern

Kyles Mom-Hydranoid (Strange for a parent right)

Kyles Dad*-none

Agents (Kyles Schoolmates)Edit

Devin-Alpha Hydronoid (Own character)

Grant-Death Naga (Minor villain-only major in his story arc-)


Monda-Abis Omega

Agents (From Bakugan Cloning Project)Edit

Wrath(In main characters section but here too to let people know)

Kevin*-None (Deceased-Was keeper of Omega Dragonoid and reason for Wrath as the villain-)

Grey*(Kerry and Roys father)-Angel Wavern* and Demon Naga*/God WavernX and Devil NagaX(Skipped Primal stage)

Deadoron*-Depression Apollonir/War ApollonirX (Skipped Primal stage)

  • Deceased=*

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