Bakugan:Ruby,Sapphire,& Emerald is an upcoming series by DCXD.It follows Dan Kuso's cousin Lenny Kuso & his friends.

New Rules:

You can have up to 12 Bakugan & 1 trap.

Bakugan can now be "captured".

Bakugan come out of your Baku-Pod.

Traps can merge with Battle Gear.


Lenny Kuso:The main brawler.He uses Pyrus Bakugan.His Bakugan are:Rubanoid(Guardian),Hexstar(Trap),& Terrorclaw.

Lenny's Rubanoid:Main Bakugan & Guardian.

Lenny's Hexstar:Lenny's Trap.

Lenny's Terrorclaw:"Caught" at a beach.

John Wave:The strong brawler.He uses Aquas Bakugan.His Bakugan are:Phosphos(Guardian),Blast Elico,Akwimos,Preyas,& Elfin.

John's Phosphos:Main Bakugan & Guardian.

John's Blast Elico:First appeared along with Phosphos.

John's Akwimos:1ST appeared with Blast Elico & Phosphos.

John's Preyas & Elfin:A couple that were "caught" at a river.

Eric Krawler:Ren's cousin.He uses Darkus Bakugan.His Bakugan are:Dharak(Guardian),Linehalt,Robotallion,& Dark(Trap)

Eric's Dharak:Guardian Bakugan.

Eric's Linehalt:Appeared with Dharak.

Eric's Robotallion:Not much known.He brawled a Pyrus Spin Ravenoid.

Eric's Dark:A power hungry Bakugan Trap with incredible strength.

Sophia M.Night:Lenny's love intrest.She uses Subterra Bakugan.He bakugan are:Coredem(Guardian),& Baliton(Trap).

Sophia's Coredem:Her Guardian.

Sophia's Baliton:Her Trap.

Jim Creek:An Austrailian Boy.He uses Haos Bakugan.His Bakugan are:Lumagrowl(Guardian),Merlix,Luxtor,& Aranaut.

Jim's Lumagrowl:Jim's Guardian.

Jim's Merlix:It appeared along with Lumagrowl.

Jim's Luxtor:"Caught" at Haos Falls.

Jim's Aranaut:"Caught" at Alpha Forest.

Shun Kazami:The strong,silent type.He uses Ventus Bakugan.His bakugan are Storm Skyress(Guardian),Spin Ravenoid,& Zeon Hylash(Trap)

Shun's Storm Skyress:Guardian of Shun.

Shun's Spin Ravenoid:"Caught" at Battle Castle.

Shun's Zeon Hylash:Trap of Shun.

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