== This is meant for the Canon Fanon Wiki. We already have the Strike of Jason arc.==

Bakugan:Holiday Feeling is a upcoming series.Dan & co. have decided to chill in Rocha Brava,Portugal for the Summer.They quickly discover that bad guys are nearby.Marucho,Runo,Keith,& Julie won't brawl.Dan's new friends & Neighbers are revealed to brawl in Bakugan Interspace.


Dan Kuso:The main brawler.Guardian:Helix Dragonoid.Battle Gear:JetKor,Zukanator.

Jade Aqua:The new Aquos brawler.Guardian:Empoleon.Battle Gear:Terrorcrest.Trap:Unkown.

Aaron Ground:The new Subterra brawler.Guardian:Torterra(who looks like a wind type Tortoise).Battle Gear:EarthKor.Trap:Earth Fly.

Luke Inferno:A new Pyrus brawler.Guardian:Inferno Ape.Battle Gear:Blazer.Trap:Unkown

Thomas Thunder:The new mysterios Haos brawler with a rare disease.Guardian:Topaz Thunder Lumagrowl.Battle Gear:Barias Gear.Trap:Hexstar.

Shun Kazami:The Ventus brawler.Guardian:Master Ingram,Mega Hawktor.Battle Gear:Swayther.

Alice Gehabich:The Darkus brawler & Shun's love intrest.Guardian:Shadow Hydra,Staraptor.Battle Gear:Boomix.

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