This is the finale to the Bakugan Wars series.


We have had many heroes in our time. It all began with Kyle and his partner Omega Drago destroying the Bakugan Cloning Project. Then the defeat of Sigma Helios causing the destruction of Omega and Sarah's hydranoid Hydro. Then both bakugan were revived as one. They split after defeating Wrath and Helios once again.After many battles Wrath was thought to be taken down once and for all. Kyle and Blaze found out Wrath's plans before were just the beginning before Wrath returned with an evil legendary bakugan named Fear. Through many new friends made and destructive battles Wrath and Fear were finally taken down by Kyle, Blaze, Omega, and Blitz. They sent Wrath and Fear to the Zero Dimension. After many years Blaze met a girl named Serena and had children, Kyle did they same with a girl named ____. The legacy continued with their children, Clash and Sado. Sado and Clash teamed up with a girl named Kara. Wrath returned but the first blow was dealt by Wrath's son Krion.

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