Summary:Kyle,his mother,Blaze,Clash,Sado, and the others battle Jade and her orb monsters.

This was authorized by DragoFanGirl and is canon to both stories

Chapter 1: Clash and Sado meet JadeEdit

Clash was walking near his school when he noticed a strange girl sobbing on the sidewalk. He walked up. "Hey what's your name and why in heck are you crying?" Said Clash. The girl looked up and smiled evilly. Clash jumped backwards because he knew what was coming. She turned into a giant monster that he knew as Fear, and blasted her with the energy coming from his hands. He started to run away, and Sado ran away with him. The girl grabbed them, but Sado and Clash's classmates started throwing stones at him. That gave them enough time to run, and Clash shot Jade with energy. She fell on the ground and turned into purple mist. Clash and Sado teleported to Clash's lab, and walked up to Blister. In Cole's new invention, he can turn Bakugan into human and that's what he did with Blister. "Hello Clash and Sado, need anything?" Said Blitser. Sado started talking to Blitser and Clash walked into the back room. Clash grabbed 7 Battle Gears, and 6 Gear Bakugan. He stuffed them into his pocket and walked out. Blitser and SAdo were talking about science, and Clash walked out of the lab followed by Sado


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