Chapter 1:Evil risesEdit

Dan:Drago You have to go NOW!

Mercury Drago:But Daniel who's gonna be my partner

Dan:Matthew will now g-go Hurry!

Drago:Be safe Dan

Dan:I will now go


The next dayEdit

Matthew:Drago what are you doing here

Drago:Dan and the other's they've...dissapered


Sierra:who did this

Drago:That's what i'd like to know it's a new enemy

Giovanni(Gio):But we don't have bakugan anymore

Drago:Well actually you do


Aranaut:Long time no see Sierra


Other brawlers:What about our guardian's

Drago:you'll get them tomarrow for now let's get some rest.

Chapter 2:The evil twin's returnEdit

Dharak:Hello Corry how have you been since the last time we saw each other

Corry:I've been great I miss talking to you


Ninja Taylean:it's great to see you again Mariano

Gio:Hey Coredem what's up!



Linehalt:how's it been


Computer:Incoming transmission

Matthew:Play it

Evil twin Matthew:Long time no see my Twin


Evil Twin Matthew:Meet me tomarrow night at the stadium

Matthew:Great I have to battle without a Bakugan

Drago:Before I left Dan said that I am your guardian till he return's

Matthew:Great just like old times right

Drago:Right just like old time's

Chapter 3:The twin take downEdit

Matthew:Are you ready

Evil twin matthew:you bet

Matthew:Good,GateCard Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew:Bakugan brawl,Bakugan stand rise pyrus Mercury Dragonoid!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil twin matthew:ha,Bakugan brawl,bakugan stand rise and destroy evil twin leonidas


Matthew:Where'd you get that

Evil Twin Matthew:I revived him so I could win this battle

Matthew:I don't think so,Ability activate Dragon force striker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil Twin Leonidas:AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

BakuMeter:Evil Twin Matthew life force 10%

Evil twin Matthew:get up Evil twin Leonidas GET UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil Twin Leonidas:I'm not evil twin leonidas

Evil Twin Matthew:wh-what do you mean

Evil Twin Leonidas:I'm Pyrus Ultimate Leonidas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drago:Long time no see leonidas

Leonidas:Same here Drago

Evil twin Matthew:I knew that this would happen that's why

Matthew:thats why what?

Evil Twin Matthew:I made a clone of leonidas thats twice as strong

Evil Twin Matthew:Omega eraser elite!!!!!!!!!!!


Drago:Matthew somethings HAPPENING AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew:Huh whats this,who cares it might be able to help

Matthew:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan stand rise Pyrus Flare Dragaon

Evil Twin Matthew:NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BakuMeter:Evil Twin Matthew life force 0


Chapter 4:evolutions and a Big BangEdit

Matthew:Yo Jarvis you hear me?

Jarvis:Yes sir what do you need?

Matthew:I need a huh.

Alarm:Perimiter brech

Sierra:whos there?

Skyler:Really thats how you greet an old friend.

Matthew:what are you doing here you know your not supposed to be here

Skyler:ya I know I'm just here to tell Corry to go to the river later his twins back


Skyler:see ya

later at the riverEdit

Corry:Long time no see

Evil twin Corry:why say that when were not even gonna battle


Matthew:Drago you've evolved

Drago: yes I have into pyrus titanium dragonoid

Matthew:why did he say there not gonna battle?


Matthew:Guys where'd you go

Drago:Matthew were the only one's here

Matthew:why where'd the others go

Drago:a bomb went off and I could only protect us

Matthew:we'll be able to get them back right

Drago:yes it'll take time thought

Matthew:then let's go

Chapter 5:Psych meets BakuganEdit

Matthew:well we made Santa Barbra California

Drago:well should we look for someone to help us on our journey

Matthew:yeah good idea,look there are two guys over there

Drago:then let's go

Matthew:hey you too i'm Matthew this is my bakugan drago

Shawn:Hi i'm Shawn Spencer and this is my partner fancy pants jakson

Gus:Hi i'm Burton Guster but you can call me Gus

Matthew:so what do you guys do for a living

Shawn:I'm the head Psychic for the Santa Barbra police department

Matthew:I'm hungry

Shawn:Dude's,Jerk Chicken

Gus:you know thats right

Matthew:let's go

Chapter 6:a brawl With a Twist pt.1Edit

Shawn:so what are you guys here for?

Matthew:were here cause my friend Corry was going to battle his evil twin then a bomb went off and now were on a journey to look for our friends.

Gus:So how many people are in your Bakugan team?

Matthew:Me plus 5 other people

Shawn:what are the names of there Bakugan?

Drago:well there's me,Dharak,Taylean,Aranaut,Coredem,Linehalt



Matthew:who is it

Shawn:it's the Chief,were on our way

Matthew:so whats going on

Shawn:your gonna help us solve our first case

Later at the Police DepartmentEdit

Carlton Lassiter:Excuse Me who's this

Shawn this is Matthew were helping him and his bakugan on there Journey

Lassiter:why don't you run along this is know place for kid's

Matthew:I may be a kid But my Bakugan could eat you whole any day

Lassiter:oh yeah he just looks like any other toy Ball

Drago:Watch who your calling a toy

Leonidas:yeah same here

Chief Vick:hey you four in here know

Chief Vick:let me welcome you to Santa Barbra Matthew I'm Carren Vick police chief

Jewliet:And i'm Juliet O'Hara Lassiters partner

Matthew:these are my Bakugan Drago and Leonidas

Chief Vick:well then this case is perfect for Matthew it's Down town

Later DowntownEdit

Matthew:Who are you

Hex 2.0:I am Hex 2.0 prepare to lose


Matthew:Let's do this,Gate card set!!!

Matthew:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan Stand,Rise pyrus titanium Dragonoid

Lassiter:I'm gonna have to appoligise to this Kid when this is over

Hex 2.0:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan Stand,Rise Pyrus Destruction Dragonoid


Chapter 7:A brawl with a twist pt.2Edit

Hex 2.0:stop jibber jabbing and brawl

Matthew:Ability card activate,Wonder supirior!!

Hex 2.0:no!!!

BakuMeter:Hex life force 20%

Hex 2.0:Bakugan Brawl.Bakugan Stand,Rise Destruction DragonoID

Matthew:Bakugan Brawl,Rise Ultimate Leonidas

Hex 2.0:ability activate Destruction Blast

Matthew:Ability Activate Deflect Shield

Hex 2.0:That won't help you win

Leonidas:but my next attack will

Hex 2.0:What

Matthew:Ability activate,Alpha Balst Omega

Hex 2.0:NO!!!!!

Juliet:Your better then I thought

Gus:Your better then we all thought

Hex 2.0:This isn't over here take your friend


Chapter 8:the new evil twinsEdit

Shawn:you know you could have told us that your bakugan come alive

Matthew:I just wanted to keep it a surprise

Gus:so drago were are the bakugan from

Drago:New Vestroia


Shawn:Psych,were on our way

Shawn:another Brawler

later at the BeachEdit

Gus:um,Shawn is that you

Shawn:it appears he is ,Matthew I need a Bakugan

Matthew:here take Linehalt


Evil Twin Shawn:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan Stand,Rise Pyrus Evil Twin Linehalt

Linehalt:Let's finish this now,Shawn use my ultimate ability

Shawn:Ultimate Ability Activate Razen Breaker elite

Evil Twin Shawn:NOOOOO!!!!!!

Shawn:That was easy

Evil Twin Shawn:here take your friend


Chapter 9:Goodbye Santa Barbra Hello Chicago Edit

Matthew:Thanks for helping me find my friends

Shawn:Your welcome if you need anything just call


Lassiter:I'm sorry I douted you in the begining

Matthew:it's ok oh I almost forgot I have Bakugan for all of you

Shawn:sweet I get to Linehalt

Gus:sweet an aquos Krakix

Matthew:Hey Buzz!,Take this bakugan

Buzz McNab:sweet what's your name?

Skrikeflier:I am ventus Strikeflier

Juliet:whats this ones name?

Nemus:I am Haos Nemus

Matthew here chief you can have contestier

Contestier:I am subterra contestier i'm looking forward to battleing with you

Matthew:and last but not least Lassiter you can Have darkus dharak

Lassiter:nice to meet you Dharak

Matthew:see you guys



At the airportEdit

Matthew:Next Stop Chicago



Matthew lets go

Sierra:can we go see Shake it up Chicago


Chapter 10:Shake It up meets BakuganEdit

Matthew:Sierra me and Gio have a surprise for you

Gio:we pitched in our Money and were taking you to see...

Matthew&Gio:Shake it up Chicago!!!!!


Later at the Shake it up stageEdit

Gary:I'm your Host Gary Wilde and Shake it up Chicago

??????:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan Stand rise Pyrus Destruction Dragonoid


Gio:Hex's Bakugan

Sierra:why can't we ever get a break

Matthew:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan Stand,Rise Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid

Gio:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan Stand,Rise Subterra Coredem

Sierra:Bakugan Brawl,Bakugan Stand,Rise Haos Aranaut

Matthew,Gio,Sierra:Combo Ability Activate Maximum Assault

Hex 2.0:Grr,I'll be back

Later at the HotelEdit


Matthew:Um... who are you guys?


Matthew:what was that for?

Sierra:there from Shake it up

Cece:i'm Cece Jones

Rocky:and i'm Rocky Blue

Matthew:I'm Matthew these are my Bakugan Drago,Leonidas,and Flare Dragaon

Sierra:I'm sierra this is my Bakugan Aranaut

Matthew:Gio left he'll be back Soon

Cece:Could you tell us what just happend at the stage

Matthew:Sure come on in just be prepared to be asked for your autograph


Matthew:what the Heck

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