A BakuHuman battle is completely different from a basic bakugan battle.


These rules are completely different from a basic bakugan battles

  1. No abilities
  2. No gates
  3. No holding back
  4. Surrender if to damaged


It is begun by placing a device called a D.N.A.sensor on your arm and placing your bakugan in it. You then say 'Activate Hybrid transformation sequence' which turns both battlers into a fusion of themselves and their bakugan.

Battle (Beginning Phase)Edit

A BakuHuman battle is almost like a fight to the death. You don't hold back until the timer runs out (5 minutes). Some BakuHuman battlers take it to far and literally fight to the end.

Battle (End Phase)Edit

Both battlers must use their ultimate attacks and attempt to hit their opponents weakspot until the timer runs out (2 minutes).


When the Fusion Arena was launched most people treated BakuHuman battling as almost a complete game. The risk of this type of competition is death to both bakugan and brawler because of the immense power of a BakuHuman form. The only person to die from a BakuHuman battle was Wrath but Sigma Helios is alive and is now a good bakugan. Most people deactivate their D.N.A.sensors before the battle goes into the end phase

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