Athenius is the Haos Guardian of Perseus. He is a Haos Wolfurio and goes by Athens. He and Perseus find Freedom Dragonoid in chapter 1 of Bakugan: Darkness Rising.


G-Power: 1200Gs

BakuNano: Gold Lanzato: 175Gs

Description Edit

Athenius is a warrior like Bakugan of the Haos attribute. He and Perseus have been focused on bringing out other energy abilities that Haos Bakugan posses, besides just light. He is very enthusiastic about brawling, but is not a sore loser if he doesn't win. He honors the outcome of each and every battle, and uses what he learns to help him in the future. He looks like a average Wolfurio aside from some slight color differences.


Aegis Aura: Creates protective aura nullifying an ability and causing opposing Bakugan to back away.

Lightning Strike Omega:

Magne Pulse Delta:

Lance Geiss: Increases speed and agility of user.

Resonant Blast:


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