it the Bakugan guardian of Shun in Bakugan mega vestroia.Your battle gear is Twin desructor.your power-G is 490.Your mehctogan is sky sprint.Your bakumutation is Metal aranaut.Your battle suit is domtronic.your movile assault is koptoix.Your envolved in Meta aranaut

Ability cardsEdit

Tornado ventus

Shadow air smash

Kazami style-air shadow clones

Argot tornado

Kazami style-argot explosion ventus

Fusion ability cardsEdit

blaster tornado

Bakugan mega vestroiaEdit

in the episode brawl with Dharak.

In the episode Recolate observs the battle.

In the episode Enable higher power brawl vs zenthon and geners sky sprint.

in the episdoe Power theft Brawl vs sabator and dharak and win

In the episode Destruction of the interspace pt1 brawl vs the bakugan chaos

In the episode Destruction of the interspace pt2 brawl vs sabator and win.

In the episode Evolution of power brawl vs contestir and envolved into Metal aranaut.

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