Occupant 1:Leonidas1234(Kyle and Zero Dragonoid)

Occupant 2: Agent Z (Blaze and Perfect Blitz)



Kyle:Gate card set!Bakugan Brawl!Zero Dragonoid Stand!

Blaze: Bakugan Brawl Perfect Blitz stand!

Kyle:Ability Activate!!Ultima-Zero Blast!! (Zero Dragonoid hits Blitz with a giant burst of energy which brings him to 500 Gs which means Blitz:500 Gs and Zero Dragonoid:1000 Gs)

Blaze: That power level is hige good job but not good enough! Battle Gear Boost! JetKorX2! (Connects to blitz, Blitz at 1200gs)
Blaze: Ability ACtivate! JetKor Delta! (Blitz at 1500gs, Shoots Zero with power,)

Ref: And that was Blaze everybody!!!!! Oooh that was harsh Kyle only has 60% life left!!!

Kyle:Battle gear boost!! Ultima-Zero Burst Cannon! (Connects to Zero Dragonoid,Zero at 1600 Gs)[Calling Zero from now on] Ability Activate!Ultima-Zero Machine Gun! (Zero at 2000 Gs and fires 30 blasts of energy per second at Blitz which lowers his Gs by 25 with each blast)

Blaze: Ability activate Dragon Hummer! (Blitz turns red and shoots and Zero with extreme speed) Drago at 2500g (Zero falls back)

Kyle:Ability Activate!Mechros shield! (Zero gains a giant shield and blocks the attack which lowers Blitz to 900 Gs)

Blaze: You ready for this???? Ability activate! Perfect Dragonoid plus Maximum Surger! (Blitz at 3400g, Blast's Zero with Perfect Core)

Ref: And the Empire Strikes Back once again!!!! That was Blaze everybody!!! The number one brawler in Bakugan Interspace win's the battle that was told to be impossable!!!!

Blaze: Kyle, good luck next time. My Blitz is wiped out from those abilities. Whoot.

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