'Aquos 'Kyogre (カイオーガKyogre) She is concidered a Legendary Bakugan since she is hardly seen in New Vestroia. She is Helen Rika's Guardian and Aqus Elfin's older sister.


She seems to resemble something like a big dark blue whale or orca. She has two big fins or "wings", each ending with four square-shaped "claws." She has a deep blue body and a white chin area with two spikes protruding under her. Above each eye are two spots. She has markings on its wings which sort of resemble the letter A with a circle on the top. She also has two small dorsal fins on its back with two stripes running horizontally below the fins. The tail seems tattered with four trails, the inner smaller than the outer. It also has a mouth full of rarely seen sharp triangular teeth.

Ability cardsEdit

Water tornado-

Sheer Cold Destruction- Adds 800gs to Kyogre and destroys the opponent in one hit.


In Part 1 of New Vestroia she witnessed the Bakugan being kidnapped by the Vexos and went to Earth looking for a Partner who was Helen Rika. Together with Helen they went to New Vestroia to save the Bakugan.

Evolved formsEdit

Like all Bakugan she evolves, except she changed attributes. As LilyKyogre she has the ability to fly and her attribute changes to ventus and Aquos she evovles into this form during New Vestroia and her Gs power changes from 600gs to 800gs.

Lillymon by JaimeleGothic


Gallery Edit

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