The Anti Core is a living Cyber Virus from the 0000 ark.


The Anti Core is a Cyber Virus that thinks like a living being. It lives in a self-created world, inside the World Wide Web. It can create Zero Guards that absorb the DNA of a Bakugan, and then it creates Anti Bakugan, by using the DNA of the that Bakugan, and so building up an Army full of clones of powerfull Bakugan. However, it cannot create Anti Bakugans from damaged or incomplete DNA. It was attacked by Beta Drago which filled it with large amounts of Evil energy which increases power in clones.

Zero GuardsEdit

Main Article: Zero Guards

It somehow infected the Main Computer of a Technology Fabric, and gained control of it. It uses this fabric to create servants, called Zero Guards. They battle against skilled Brawlers and their powerful Bakugan, and so absorb that Bakugan's DNA so the Anti Core could create Anti Versions of that Bakugan. Each Zero Guard uses a Different Anti Bakugan.


A Zero Guard


So far, these Anti Bakugan are revealed.

Zero ARN


Zero D. DRGN

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