Ani (アニ Ani) is a Neathian Princess of Neathia.She is a Darkus Brawler and Her Guardian bakugan is

Voiced by Yuka Saito(Japanese)

Emilie-Claire Barlow(English)

First appearance Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episode 1
Age 11(Battle Brawlers)

14(New Vestroia)
15(Gundalian Invaders)
16 and 17(Mechtanium Surge)
18(Mission Grammaton season 1)

Race Half-human Half-Neathian
Birthday December 24 1996
Main arrtibute Darkus
Guardian bakugan Witchdelia(BBB,NV,GI,MS arc 1)(former)

Elazor(current)(new partner in MS arc 2)(deceased)
Darkus Oberum(Stolen From Shun)

Occupation Bakugan Battle Brawler

The Resistance Team
Neathian Castle Knights
Neathian Princess

Likes Chocolate,Pizza,Funny things,

Ren,Baron,her cousins,cats
Winning,Purple colour

Dislikes Pink,Losing,Vexos,The 12 Orders

Kazarina,Sora Minamoto,Rika Mahou
SERVBOTs(Mission Grammaton)
DIO(Mission Grammaton)
Working hard

Crush: Ren Krawler

Baron Leltoy(barlely)
Gunz Lazar(a little)


She known also as "Ani Krawler","Drama Queen" and "The Darkus Princess of Neathia".Ani was a great person.Ani's father was normal human and her mother was Neathian.Ani has 5 cousins:Dan,Baron,Linus,Janeta and Rafe.As she was mourn loss to her old Bakugan in Neathia Darkus Elezoid called Elzo died by Lumagrowll's Barias Gear. Unlike Her,she don't like boredom and being tired.


As Neathian,she looks like Fabia.

As her human form,she has black hair,pale skin and brown eyes.

In Battle brawlers,her hair is Short.She wears Purple coat with te yellow zipper,light purple trouers and dark red shoes.

In New Vesrtoia,Her hair is middle.She wears Black tank,Purple Coat without sleeves with yellow hoodie and zipper,short white skirt and long white boots.

In Gundalian invaders,her hair is long.She wears bright purple blouse,Light purple Coat,dark purple trousers and black shoes.

In mehtanium Surge arc 1,Her hair is too long.She wears light purple dress,birght purple belt,brght purple sleeves with black stripes,bright purple stoclings and blue shoes.

In Mechtanuam Surge arc 2,Her hair is cutted and short.she wears dark purple shirt,bright purple coat,light purple pants,Purple shoes and her neck she has a necklace of her so that means the heart haped necklace has a photo of Ren.


Bakugan Battle BrawlersEdit

Ani was First Appeared in Battle Brawlers.She saws a gate card and a Bakugan.She meets Darkus Witchdelia an she enjoys at her.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New VestroiaEdit

Ani,Runo and Dan are walking in the park.They saw a portal and meets Witchdelia and Drago.Ani was happy when Witchdelia is back.She,Dan and Marucho are going to New Vestroia to save all the Bakugans.

Bakugan Gundalian InvadersEdit

Ani is moved to Bayview.She meets Dan's new friend: Jake Vallory.She goes to Bakugan Interspace and she meets Ren.She was so shy when Jake said that Ani is Ren's girlfriend.She battles Ren and loses.

Bakugan Mechtanium SurgeEdit

Arc 1Edit

Ani is now 16.She wins 134 times at bakugan Interspace.1 minute later,she meets Team Anubias and Team Sellon.She was verry Angry when Anubias said "BakuBabe".

Arc 2Edit

She is still 16 and half,she sees a blond haired guy named Gunz,they are now friends.

Bakuhatsu no Naku Koro Ni(When the Explodes Cry)Edit

Ani appears in the crosssover horror/mistery/comedy/drama manga/novel/anime Bakuhatsu No Naku Koro Ni

Its between Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Bakugan.

Mission GrammatonEdit


Ani as she appeared in Mission Grammaton

Ani as she appears in Mission Grammaton.Ani was the half-member of the Mephisto brotherhood.She being hated by DIO and Shadow(who Shadow IS the boss in the Darkus unit).Unlike Ani,she wants Gunz to be her lover,not DIO.She has a fear of DIO when Gunz belongs to him,but Gunz wants to belong to her.Ani needs revenge!


"Oh well,I dont care *laughs*"To Dan,The Battle Begins,Battle Brawlers

"NO!HE'S NOT!!!"To Paige,during Ren and she in couple relationship,gundalia Under Fire,Mechtanium Surge Arc 1

"uhhhmmm.....ummmm....uhhh...."To Jake,during She was Ren's girlfriend,A New Begining,Gundalian Invaders

"Oh that..Gunz..?!Oh s**t."To Wiseman,during he was Gunz,Gunz Blazing,Mechtanium Suge arc 2 "Hey,who are you and why are you crying?"To Ren when se was child,during at the first meet,flashback,Forgiveness,Gundalian Invaders


Emma(Neathian Mother)

Jeremy(Human Father)

Baron Leltoy(Cousin,student,friend,ex-boyfriend and rival)

Linus Claude(Cousin)Lena Isis(Parthner,friend and rival)

Dan Kuso(Cousin)

Miyoko Kuso(aunt)

Shinjiro Kuso(uncle)

Dana Karienda(sister-in-law)

Ren Krawler(Husband,Boyfriend,Rival and Finacè)

Mizuka Krawler(Daughter)


Gunz Lazar(friend,ex-boyfriend and rival(Wiseman only))

Sora Minamoto(Rival,step-wife)

Anželica Ilona(Rival)

Soren Krawler-Minamoto(Zephyros-Phoenix's OC)(step-son)

Ani Kasamoto(Twin Sister,friend and opponent)

Yuki Yuu(Friend)

Fabia Sheen(Friend)

Mira Clay(Friend)



  • She dont have a Surname yet
  • In the Japanese version,She always said at Ren "Ren-baka","Ren-san","Ren-sempai"or"Ren-kun"
  • Her Japanese voice actress same as Zenet Surrow from Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders and her English voice actress same as Alice Gehabich from Bakugan Battle Brawlers
  1. Both have a name
  2. Both are Darkus brawlers
  3. They look silimar
  4. Both have Black hair but Ani Kasamoto's hair is Black and Red
  • She and Sora are rivals,Sora wants to steal Ren from Ani
  • Her name Ani is a Bulgarian name
  • In all seasons she always wears Purple and zippers and hoodies.





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