This is me (Leonidas1234) after I got transported to the bakugan brawlers universe.I became a multiple attribute brawler when some of my bakugan from the real world were with me.


One day when I was playing bakugan in front of my computer while working on an article for this website a portal opened and I was in the bakugan universe with some of my bakuugan. I became one of the allies of Blaze,Kyle,and Death. I went home after I helped defeat Fear.

Blaise is my best friend in Vestroia.


(These are bakugan I have in the real world)

(Guardian) Pyrus Neo Dragonoid Vortex:650 Gs

Darkus Dharak:600 Gs

Pyrus Quake Dragonoid:1000 Gs

Aquos Skyress:500 Gs

Subterra Viper Helios:480 Gs

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