Alto is a neighbor planet to Neathia and Gundalia, it is a planet full of evil Bakugan that have had their attribute energy sucked out and replaced with alto energy.Stronger than the basic attributes.When an alto bakugan is created they gain an ability to make more alto bakugan on their own.The first alto bakugan was Drangoneer.Pricess Yilosiass hates the planet's government(this is unknown to every body of Alto). But when she has enough she crashes a royal meeting and speaks her mind.She is then Bansished for life.

List of Alto UsersEdit

  • King Denie'r : Alto Dragoneer
  • Queen Denie'r : Alto Dragelita
  • Prince Faltazar Denie'r : Alto Eageltor
  • Princess Yilosiass Denie'r : Alto Sliceflyer
  • Dierra : Alto Avieress
  • Miko : Alto Tortank

List of Alto Bakugan Edit

  • Alto Dragoneer
  • Alto Dragelita
  • Alto Eageltor
  • Alto Sliceflyer
  • Alto Avieress
  • Alto Tortank

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