Alpha Dragonoid is very powerful evolution of Dragonoid. Is evolve when he get Master Crystal.

Is evolution of Drago clear version Clear Dragonoid. He evolve into Hetro Dragonoid when use AUP ability with 5H Power. When he evolve, he was stolen by GammaTranidium biggest evil guy, Zinatus.

He's got next generation of power : 2 H Power. H Power is equivalent of 1.000.000G.


He first have 2 head but one of them was destroyed in 27 episode GammaTranidium. It isn't been reclaimed, but Drago get for it more muscle. Then his ball form was changed (he didn't evolve).

He's got also 4 wings and Perfect Core on his body was changed to hexagon. When he evolve into Hetro Drago, he was stolen by GammaTranidium biggest evil guy, Zinatus. In 27 episode, he battled Chalamer and lost his head. Later to Chalamer joined Ixus 3.5, and Alpha Dragonoid lost.

Abilitiy CardsEdit

  • Crystalium Maxi Drago: Adds 5H to Alpha Drago.
  • Subterra Mariner: Adds 1H to Alpha Drago. (Subterra)
  • Darkus Volt: Transfer 50000G from opponent to Alpha Drago. (Darkus)
  • Aquos Power: Doubles Alpha Drago power. (Aquos)
  • Pyro Dragon: Substracts 30% opponent power. (Pyrus)
  • Ventus Master: Nullifies Gate Card and opponent abilitiy and substracts from him 100000G. (Ventus)
  • Haos Light: Substracts 500.000G from opponent. (Haos)
  • Legendary Power: All mechanical bakugan are destroyed, and adds 5H to Alpha Drago. (Clear)
  • Crystal Power: Adds 50H to Alpha Drago. (Must be used all 7 attributes abilities) (Master Crystal)
  • AUP (Alternative Ultra Power): Adds 100H to Alpha Drago and changes him to evil form. (Master Crystal).

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • High Light: Absorbs the opponents abilities.
  • Star Powder: Adds 12H to Alpha Drago.

Advanced Fusion AbilityEdit

  • Maximum Power: Triples Alpha Drago power and doubles assistant power.


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