Ace Barbara
"Shut up and fight!" Barbara. (Literally, talking as in Piccolo's conversation in Dragon Ball AF)

Ace Barbara (エース バーバラ Ēsu Bābara), also called Omega Barbaranoid (オメガ バーバラノイド Omega Bābaranoido), is an evolvution of Barbara and is Catie's Guardian Bakugan.


As Ace Barbara,she is more of a knight then a barbarian and is is more mature.She also reaches fast speed then before.


She is now More Mature and battle happy,she act's more of a Smart-Alec than a child-like attitude,however she still has the nevers to call Worton and/or Marocho nerds and tells someone to shuttup.


Sturmwind-She Slash fire at her foes and gains 100 gs. Blitz Rush-She runs super fast and Blocks/Avoids her foes abilities and ands 50 gs.  Sword Blaster- She slash Lighting at her foes and subtrats 200 gs from the foe.


  • She is the 2rd strongest bakugan in the seris,the 1st is Being Drago.
  • She and Bell are the daughter of a Acient Bakugan Named Oralee,who was sisters with Genesis Dragonoid,Making her and bell cousins To Drago and  Razenoid.
  • She is known as "Omega Barbaranoid" (as Ace Hydra, the "Omega Hydranoid").
  • She returns to Barbara's previous variation.
  • She is in her Omega Hydranoid form, the hydra-dragon one.

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