"I'm glad we decided to come back to A Village, they have lots of stuff for sale" says Monarus. "Yeah, me too" says Rec. Suddenly a bright flash of light appears around them. "Where am I?" Asks the mysterious person, who appears from the light. "Who are you?" Asks Monarus. "My name's Crystal" answers Crystal. "I'm Monarus" replies Monarus. "And I'm Rec, can you please get off me?" Says Rec. "Oh, sorry," says Crystal, "Where am I, one minute I was shopping, and the next I'm here." "This is A Vestroia" answers Monarus. "Uh-oh, look who it is" says Rec. "What's that suppose to mean?" Asks Jim (being a spirit, when appeared). "What do you want?" Demands Rec. "Well that's not very nice, just because I'm evil doesn't mean everything I do is," says Jim, "By the way, who's she?" "Go away creep" says Crystal. "Well that's not very nice, you don't even know me" says Jim. "What do you want anyway?" Asks Rec. "What, a guy can't just stroll through a village?" Replies Jim, "Is that a crime?" "You're up to something" says Rec. "Fine don't believe me, good-bye" says Jim. "Who was he?" Asks Crystal. "He was Jim, now he is dead, because he is just some spirit of a dead" answers Rec. "I will return, Rec. You fool, don't forget it, DON'T!" says Jim. (now, he disappeared) "I'll never ever EVER see the damn Jim, never!" says Rec.

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